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In the agile Personal mobile app: How to do agile personal exercises we show how to perform an agile personal three-system exercise, which every agile individual should devote time and effort to. Mobile applications In addition to the practice, some of our offline sharing of handouts, online classroom content handout recording, as well as some learning books will be published in the resources of agile personal mobile phone application for everyone to learn, in which the most agile personal related information only agile personal annual fee members can be downloaded, Non-members can download other learning-related ebooks.


Now is an information explosion of the society, not lack of learning content, is a good filter after the data, if you do not bother to choose the book, which can provide you with some reference, there is an agile personal offline activities ppt, video, online activity of the Voice, study recommended books and other sensitive friends recommended information about self-growth.

The information is updated in an ongoing supplement:

Welcome everyone in the Agile personal QQ group 40961321 recommended Good reading

    1. Open the app, switch to the "Materials" feature page, if not joined, some information can not be downloaded, under the book there will be a "membership" green Box

    2. The Open data is downloaded to the "agileme" directory of your phone, you can use your phone's file browser to see the

    3. < Span style= "color: #0000ff;" > If you find that open always fails , it may be because the file is too large or the network is unstable at the time, and the download fails. Then you just go to the Agileme directory to delete the wrong file, again follow step 1 re-download can


If you want to be a thinker, a result, a target, then join the Agile individual member

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