Agile Software Development Practice-sprint Status Track

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For Agile Software Development, it is important to keep track of the progress of the project at all times, as you can keep abreast of the health of the team and deal with unexpected situations in a timely manner to ensure that our projects are delivered on time after each iteration.

Implementation mode:

The best tool to see the project progress is of course Burndown chart, we use Jira to do project management tools, Jira has a view of the show, can very intuitive display story burn down curve, so that the team intuitively understand how the sprint progress.

Of course, this is from the story level, it is measured with the loss of time, story point of the change curve, such as the above figure can be seen, our project development speed first slow and fast, it is because multiple story at the same time, but it is not over, so our time invested, But no corresponding story was closed in the early stages. 2 We added a new story in the middle of the sprint, leading to the story point ordinate.

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