Agile Sprint Daily Report one (Java-team)

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First day report (10.25 Weeks III)

Team: Java-team


Zhang Huiyu (284)

Wu Jingan (286)

Chen Yang (pm:288)

Han Huasung (142)

Hu Zhiquan (143)

GitHub Address: Https://

First, everyone's job:


The work that has been done

The work planned for today

Hanwha Song

System foreground design, teacher login verification, teacher's personal data additions and deletions to check. Organize the code frame, realize the function of creating the group automatically by the teacher

According to the meeting discussion to improve the realized function, to realize the teacher's function of adding and deleting the course group, resolving the bug of the page printing exception

Zhang Huiyu

System foreground design, student login verification, student personal data additions and deletions to check.

Improve realized functionality, implement student application courses, and show student curriculums based on meeting discussions

Chen yang

Stand-up meeting hosting, recommendations and summaries

Complete and publish Summary blog, sixth chapter of building Law, learning UML diagram

Wu Jingan

Unit testing of completed functions

Improve the test results of completed functions, design test cases for the function of the next step plan implementation of the meeting

Hu Zhiquan

Complete part of the sixth assignment according to the progress of the project

Learn UML diagrams, Learn the tools your blog and design requires.

problems encountered:

after confirming the demand analysis last week, the first part of the system design took some time, the group of people are not good at the front end, but also the front-end design has made several attempts, so in the learning front-end and access to data took time.

The main problem is: theSSM frame front-end JS is not very familiar, it takes time to learn the framework of Easyui. Before you write your document, you need to look at the corresponding chapters in the building law and the diagrams you need to learn.

Second, the Project Burndown chart

By number of cards:

By workload:

Third, code check-in record

(for The filing of the ten- month Day, GitHub unable to access and submit)

Four, the latest operation of the module

Agile Sprint Daily Report one (Java-team)

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