Agile team management: grasp the degree of involvement in the team

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Source check in, don't check up (look after not intervene !)

I have never been a micro-manager ),Especially after applying agile and scrum. When you first enter the workplace,If it wasn't too busy with someone else,I will probably become a micro-manager.However, when you try to avoid review details with everyone, you must take care of them carefully (Check-in. I am from this article (how important is small success)Inspired.


Check-up and check-in are similar, but there are four key projects,A good scrum master or agile PM can be done to avoid micromanagement when looking after a team.

1. Make sure that the Team has sufficient autonomy to solve the problem no matter what the problem is. ExcellentThe SCRUM master should ensure that the team has been granted self-organizing autonomy to achieve setup.

2. Do not focus only on the progress of the team, but provide practical help. The SCRUM master can find a way to protect the team from external interference.

3. Avoid blaming the individual for the problem. There are always occasional errors. When a problem occurs,Accountability may make you feel that you are involved in the check-up issue,Instead of simply checking-in ).

4. Do not keep the information or hide it. Micro-managers like to regard information as reserved resources (asymmetric advantages of information ),It is shared only when necessary. A good scrum master will share everything beneficial to the team it looks after.


When the author answers other people's questions about team failure, he mentions his daughter in a funny way, which means that people can always learn a lot from failure. Please be careful with this!


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