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1. Introduction to AgileEAS. NET application development

In April, callhot wrote a series of articles about AgileEAS.. NET platform development application series AgileEAS. NET platform development Step By Step series-pharmacy system-index, through a case close to the actual application, he showed you from start to end AgileEAS.. NET platform application and application development process in enterprise information system development.

AgileEAS. NET platform is a rapid development platform for application systems. It helps small and medium-sized software developers quickly build their own enterprise information management development teams to save development costs and shorten development time, to quickly adapt to market changes, AgileEAS. the. NET application development platform consists of four parts: basic library, resource management platform, running container, and development auxiliary tools, the Resource Management Platform provides parallel design, implementation, testing, and other development processes for agile parallel development.

AgileEAS. NET platform achieves this goal based on software process improvement and component-based rapid development. In terms of software process improvement practices, a unique "agile parallel development method" is proposed, the purpose is to propose software engineering practices, software process improvement ideas, and supporting project management systems that comply with the actual conditions of small and medium-sized software enterprises in China.

In terms of rapid development, AgileEAS. the. NET platform provides enterprise application development tools such as ORM, IOC, distributed communication, plug-ins and platform infrastructure, and a system for Quick Generation, it covers the design, coding, integration, deployment, O & M, and other aspects of the development process.

In callhot's AgileEAS. NET platform development Step By Step series-in the pharmacy system, he showed you in detail AgileEAS. NET platform provides strong support in the enterprise information system. In just one month, it has contributed a complete case and dozens of supporting progressive tutorials, I believe that all of you can apply AgileEAS through his tutorial.. NET platform for small and medium-sized enterprise applications.

2. SAAS deployment of the pharmacy system

Callhot took over the new job. Based on the code left by Callhot, I used the latest AgileEAS. the NET platform has been restructured and cropped, And the SAAS architecture has been released to everyone through the Internet. 

The database and distributed application layer are deployed on my internet server. The client will provide an msi package for you to download. The client and application server can use webservice and WCF (http/TCP) for data communication.

3. Client download and usage instructions

I opened the rarzip package for the customer's soft editor and asked everyone to download the package and download it to run the eas.winclient.exe file.

You can use 0001 (purchasers), 0002 (sales staff), 0003 (Store Manager)Log on to the pharmacy system with three accounts. All passwords are empty. The operation permissions of the three accounts are different. Do not change the password.

Record the communication settings of the application server in the eas.winclient.exe. config file of the downloaded package.

            <service name="RMIService" service-type="WebService" singleton="true" 
        url="" />
            <!--<service name="RMIService" service-type="WcfService" singleton="true" 
        url="net.tcp://" />-->

By default, the system uses WebService for communication and connects to ingress.

You can also replace it with wcf/tcp communication to connect to net. tcp: // 6688/EAS. RMIService: I deployed an Independent Application Service Program Based on wcf/tcp communication in

A friendly reminder is that webservice communication is slow, especially on the login interface. It may take a while to log on because SericeLocator is used for dynamic calling and involves compiling webservice proxy classes. Please understand.

4. Automatic Upgrade

In the reconstruction process of the AgileEAS. NET platform, the original form of silent upgrade based on plug-ins is discarded, the independent upgrade program that has been compared to the previous one is replaced, and the upgrade parameters are upgraded through the update. ini file in the client directory.

# AgileEAS. Net platform upgrade Control File
 allow = 1
url =
#url = net.tcp://

The upgraded technology can also adopt ws technology or wcf technology. Currently, to avoid the trouble of Multi-Point upgrade and maintenance, the upgraded service address is

5. Case source code

In this case, the source code structure is more reasonable after reconstruction. The code structure is as follows:

DrugShop. DAL is the system's data access layer (congestion model), DrugShop. BLL is the business/service layer of the system, DrugShop. winUI is the UI Layer in WinForm mode, DrugShop. res is a system replaceable resource, including custom logon, window, banner bar, and start page module, DrugShop. assStart is the Startup Program in the debugging environment of the Platform Plug-in container during development.

Pharmacy system-the source code, documentation, database backup, and final release of the case are all included in an independent Rar package. Its structure is as follows:

6. download other platforms

For more information about the latest version of the platform, see the official website of AgileEAS. NET.

CallHot has written a series of AgileEAS-based systems.. NET platform development case, please use AgileEAS. NET platform development Step By Step series-pharmacy system-index and AgileEAS. NET agile development platform and case download (continuous update)-index, AgileEAS. NET platform development instance-pharmacy system-video tutorial series-index a series of articles for download.

7. How to contact

If you have any questions about using the AgileEAS. NET development platform, use the following contact methods or communication methods.

 Official Website:

AgileEAS. NET platform:

Agile Software Engineering Laboratory:

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