"AI and the Internet of Things", walking in the forefront of science and technology!!!

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Long time no article, this year's Internet of things industry, find a number of selected articles and the public number, learning a lot of industry knowledge, today to share to you.

About the Edge Computing app, see if you have a business in your area?

As we all know, more and more computing workloads are moving to cloud computing, and will move to cloud computing in the next few years. The survey showed that 10% of companies in this year shut down traditional data centers and use the cloud instead. According to Gartner, 80% of companies around the world will use the cloud to do data storage by 2025. Read the full text >

By the stir of the internet of Things, "new bottle" installed "Old wine"?

The Internet of Things is the ubiquitous network of IoT, so it is a very difficult technology to realize that the internet of Things is a castle in the castles. • The fact that the internet of things is real is that many of the primary IoT applications are already serving us. • The IoT concept is based on a number of practical applications on the basis of the aggregation of integrated innovation, is an early existence with the Internet of things, intelligent ... Read the full text >

Four key questions to ask when choosing an IoT gateway

A solid IoT solution requires both an understanding of the environment and a familiarity with the fundamentals of network design principles. In addition, security must be a primary concern for any enterprise wishing to connect its infrastructure to the Internet. The two basic facts of it life are the reasons for choosing the right gateway to achieve or destroy IoT projects. There are more issues to consider when evaluating IoT gateways, but answering these four key questions will enable you to find the right device to meet the needs of you and your customers. Read the full text >

Wearable device from "chicken ribs" to "faucet"

How to get rid of "chicken ribs", leap into wearable device IoT industry "faucet" it? First: cost reduction, reduce equipment costs, personnel costs, communication costs, software costs, only low cost to ensure long-term stable development of the industry, of course, not otherwise high cost promotion, high cost threshold is too high, not suitable for the overall development of the industry. Second: paving the market; This is easier to understand, quickly occupy the market ... Read the full text >

Injection Moulding Machine IoT cloud Platform solution

Injection molding production operations are shifting from labor-intensive to technology-intensive. To achieve "energy saving, high-precision operation, automatic control of equipment, information collection," The Advanced injection molding production operation management mode, is the goal of each injection molding machine, the internet of Things cloud platform for injection molding machine manufacturers, injection molding enterprises to provide "control integration" solution. Remote monitoring and maintenance: Injection molding machine IoT cloud platform can achieve "mold-clamping-injection-keep pressure-cooling-demoulding-Open mold" The entire process of field data collection and analysis, on-site equipment early warning timely treatment, reduce equipment failure, prolong equipment service life, reduce the rate of defective products, improve product quality ... Read the full text >

"AI and the Internet of Things", walking in the forefront of science and technology!!!

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