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IJCAI (1+): International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence
AAAI (1): National Conference on Artificial Intelligence
COLT (1): Annual Conference on computational learning theory
CVPR (1): IEEE International Conference on computer Vision and Pattern
ICCV (1): IEEE International Conference on computer Vision
ICML (1): International Conference on machine learning
NIPS (1): Annual Conference on neural information processing Systems
ACL (N): Annual meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics
KR (N): International Conference on principles of Knowledge representation
and reasoning
Sigir (N): Annual International ACM Sigir Conference on the
Development in Information retrieval
SIGKDD (n): ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and
Data Mining
UAI (N): International Conference on uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence

Aamas: International Joint Conference on autonomous Agents and
Multiagent Systems
ECCV: European Conference on Computer Vision
ECML: European Conference on machine learning
ICDM: IEEE International Conference on Data Mining
SDM: SIAM International Conference on Data Mining
Icaps (2): International Conference on automated planning and scheduling
ICCBR (2): International Conference on case-based reasoning
Colling (2): International Conference on computational linguistics
Ecai (2): European Conference on Artificial Intelligence
ALT (International): Conference on algorithmic learning theory
EMNLP (+): Conference on empirical Methods in Natural Language processing
ILP (AS): International Conference on inductive Logic programming
PKDD (AS): European Conference on principles and practice of knowledge
Discovery in Databases

ACCV: Asian Conference on Computer Vision
DS (International): Conference on Discovery
Ecir: European Conference on IR
Ictai: IEEE International Conference on Tools with Artificial
PAKDD: Pacific-asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
ICANN: International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks
Ajcai (3): Australian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence
CAI (3): Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence
CEC (3): IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation
Fuzz-ieee (3): IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems
GECCO (3): Genetic and Evolutionary computation Conference
ICASSP (3): International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal
ICIP (3): International Conference on Image processing
ICPR (3): International Conference on Pattern recognition
Iea/aie (3): International Conference on Industrial and Engineering
Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
IJCNN (3): International Joint Conference on Neural Networks
IJNLP (3): International Joint Conference on Natural Language processing
Pricai (3): Pacific-rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence

IJCAI (1+): Ai's best comprehensive conference, beginning in 1969, opens every two years, odd years. Because AI

Is too big, so although each session is basically able to record more than 100 (now to more than 200), but divided into each

The field is not a few, like machine learning, computer vision such a large area, and every time probably also

About 10 articles, so the difficulty is very big. But judging from the hiring rate is not too low, basically about 20%, because the inside

The pedestrian will weigh the weight, do not want to waste reviewer time. Recently, China has invested in international meeting

The article is like a tidal wave, and because there are very few research groups in the country that can check their own, many meetings are

complain says low-quality articles in China are a serious impediment to PC productivity. In this case, the estimated years

The hiring rate for international conferences will be lowered. In addition, the former IJCAI was not poster, beginning in 03, in order to

Reduce the number of people killed by manslaughter, adding 2 pages of poster. It is worth mentioning that IJCAI is made up of seemingly a company

"Ijcai Inc". The host (of course not the company, actually a foundation), each meeting

Several awards, the most important of which are IJCAI Excellence Award and computer

& Thoughts Award, the former is a lifetime achievement award, one person at a time, basically the highest award of AI (interesting

Yes, 2 of the 6 who took the Turing Award from the AI industry did not receive the award, and the latter was awarded to the 35-year-old

Young scientist, one person at a time. The award-winning speeches of these two prizes are a highlight of each ijcai. In addition,

IJCAI PC member is equivalent to other conference area chair, which is powerful because it is made by PC member

To find reviewer to judge, and not like the general meeting of the PC member is actually reviewer. In order to restrict

This power, IJCAI's peer review Program is a 2-bit PC member per article assigned, primary PC member to find

3-bit reviewer, second PC member find one.

AAAI (1): Annual Meeting of the American Society of Artificial Intelligence aaai. is a good meeting, but its grade is unstable and can be

In order to give 1 +, can also give 1-or, in general, I give it "1". This is because its opening method is completely affected by the

IJCAI restriction: Open every year, but if this year's IJCAI is held in North America, then stop. So, even years

Because there is no ijcai, it is the best comprehensive AI conference, but because the appeal is smaller than the IJCAI,

In particular, Europeans hold aaai field much less than IJCAI (in fact Asians are also), so than IJCAI still slightly weaker

Point, basically between 1 and 1+; In odd years, if IJCAI is not in North America, AAAI naturally becomes more than

IJCAI Low-level meetings (1-or-a), for example, in 2005 both IJCAI and AAAI, two meetings

Tune, make IJCAI the hiring notice time than AAAI deadline so few days, so ijcai unsuccessful article

Can be cast to AAAI. IJCAI PC Chair in the review is also urged, said everyone must be quick, because AAAI

There has been worrying about IJCAI's hiring notice late AAAI on the trouble.

COLT (1): This is the best meeting of computational Learning Theory, hosted by ACM, held annually. Computational learning theory is basically

Can be seen as a cross between theoretical computer science and machine learning, so this will be seen by some as theoretical calculations.

Machine science will instead of AI. A friend of mine made a wonderful depiction of it in one sentence: "A small group of

The school is in a meeting. " Because the field of colt is relatively small, the annual meeting is basically those people. Here by the way

An interesting thing to do, because there are too many meetings in the country recently, and many meetings are Lncs/lnai out

The papers, Lncs/lnai basically have been smelly, but unfortunately, there are some very good lncs/lnai in the

Meetings, such as Colt.

CVPR (1): One of the best meetings of computer vision and Pattern recognition, IEEE hosted, held annually. Although the problem

Computer vision, but the individual thinks its pattern recognition tastes heavier. In fact, it should be pattern recognition

Not the best meeting, but in terms of computer vision, there are ICCV and similar. The IEEE has always had a tendency to put

will become a "grand event", in history some will be it from the quality very good will be done as a "grand event". Cvpr.

This is the way to go. There have been a lot of articles in these years. Recent chair of TC for CVPR Conference

That, for this community, it is worse for a good person to be killed than a bad man, so we are not going to reduce

The chances of a good man being shot by manslaughter? So I guess the cvpr is going to be expanded next year or after.

ICCV (1): Introduced CVPR when said, computer vision is one of the best. IEEE sponsored, held annually.

ICML (1): One of the best sessions in machine learning. It is now hosted by IMLS and held annually. See About Nips.


NIPS (1): One of the best sessions on Neural computing, hosted by NIPS, is held annually. It is worth noting that this will

The annual venue is the same, formerly Denver, USA, and now Vancouver, Canada; And it's a year-end meeting,

The 2nd year after the meeting, that is, NIPS ' 05 of the proceedings are 06 out. The name of the meeting is

"Advances in Neural information processing Systems", so, with ICML/ECML so

The "standard" machine learning sessions differ, NIPS has a considerable portion of neuroscience content, and machine learning has

A certain distance. But since the main body of the conference is machine learning, or a close relationship with machine learning,

Many people regard nips as one of the best meetings in machine learning. This meeting is basically controlled by Michael

Jordan's grandchildren hands, so for the people of Jordan Department, hair nips is not difficult, some may not be very

Strong work can also be sent up, but for people outside of this circle, it is very difficult to send an article, because left "outside

People "is very small. So for people outside of the Jordan system, it's harder to make nips than ICML. Other words

ICML more open, small circle of influence is not as big as nips, so North America and Europeans are recognized, and nips have

Some people (especially some Europeans, including some of us) are adamant not to contribute. This is certainly not a good thing for the Conference itself,

But because the Jordan system is so powerful, it doesn't seem to care too much. Recently IMLS (International Society for Machine Learning) re-election

The trustee, who is eligible to nominate, includes the person who icml/ecml/colt the article in the past three years, and nips is excluded from

The outside. Anyway, this is a very good meeting.

ACL (n): The best meeting of computational linguistics/Natural Language processing, ACL (Association of

Computational linguistics), held every year.

KR: One of the best meetings in knowledge representation and reasoning, and is actually a traditional AI (logic-based AI)

One of the best meetings. KR Inc, now an even-numbered year open.

Sigir: The best conference on Information retrieval, hosted by ACM, opens every year. This will now be a small circle of gas.

More heavy. Information retrieval should not be AI, but because there is more and more machine learning here, in recent years even

A bit of machine learning application The taste of the meeting, so put it in too.

SIGKDD: The best conference on data Mining, hosted by ACM, opens every year. The history of this meeting is rather short,

After all, data mining is just a penis and even a little nephew compared to other areas. A few years ago it was hard to make a list

In Tier-1, on the one hand is a reputation far less than the other top conference loud, on the other hand is relatively easy

Be hired. But now it is listed in the tier-1 should be a matter of no doubt.

Another: See the introduction of Sir and Lucky.

Uai: The name "uncertainty in artificial intelligence", involving many aspects of representation/reasoning/learning, Auai

(Association of UAI), held every year.

Aamas: The best meeting of the agent. But now the agent is a general concept,
Almost all AI-related meetings have this content, so the trend of aamas decline is obvious.

ECCV: Computer vision is second only to the ICCV conference, as this field is developing very quickly and it is possible
Upgrade to 1-go.

ECML: Machine learning is second only to ICML, and Europeans are keen to join in, some think it has
It's 1-up. I keep it a little bit, and still put it in the. Because machine learning is developing quickly, this conference
The reputation rise is very obvious.

ICDM: Data mining is second only to SIGKDD, and is now equivalent to SDM. This will only be 5 years.
History, the speed of ascent is astonishing. A few years ago, ICDM was not as good as PAKDD, and now it's big.
The distance.

SDM: Data mining is second only to SIGKDD's conference, and ICDM is now comparable. The foundation of Siam is very thick,
But the effect in CS is smaller than that of ACM and IEEE, and the SDM is seen to be icdm over, but at least
It's still quite the same.

Icaps (2): The best meeting on AI planning is a merger of previous international and European planning conferences
Come on. Because this field is becoming deserted, the impact is smaller than before.

ICCBR (2): The best meeting of case-based reasoning. Because the field is not too big, and has been
Half cold is not hot, so always stay on the 2.

Colling (2): Computational linguistics/Natural Language processing is second only to ACL, but the gap with ACL
ICCV-ECCV and ICML-ECML are much larger.

Ecai (2): An integrated artificial intelligence conference in Europe, a long history, but because of the ijcai/aaai pressure,
It's hard to go up.

ALT (Colt): A bit like the version of Tier-2, but because there is not much to do with the theory of computational learning, well done
The number of the number to go to the group, basically to colt, so there are a lot of alt is not calculated
Learn the content of the theory.

EMNLP: A good meeting in computational linguistics/natural Language processing. Some people think that with colling
Quite, but I think it's going to be a little weaker.

ILP (+): Inductive logic Program design best meeting. But because there are ILP in many other meetings,
Content, so it can only save 2-the position.

PKDD (+): Data Mining conference in Europe, currently in the 4th row of Data Mining conference. The Europeans are very interested in
It lifted up, so these years have been bundled with ECML, hoping to borrow ECML bring it up.
But because of the ICDM and SDM, this is not likely. So this year's PKDD and ECML, although still open together,
But has been independently peer review (previously can be cast two at the same time, the author can declare priority by which will be considered,
If the ECML can not also be PKDD accepted).

ACCV: Asia's computer Vision Conference is good at the Asia-Pacific Conference.

DS: A Japanese-initiated conference that is close to data mining.

ECIR: The European Information Retrieval conference, a few years ago, was just a British information retrieval conference.

Ictai: IEEE's most important artificial intelligence conference, partial application, is a typical of the IEEE run rotten. of the previous
Quality is still good, but the longer the reputation is worse, the worse it seems to continue to decline, now
In fact, it's not too much to stay.

PAKDD: Asia-Pacific Data Mining Conference, currently ranked 5th in the Data Mining conference.

ICANN: Europe's Neural network conference, from quality, is the best in neural networking meetings, but this field
People do not attach importance to the Conference, in this area it is less important than IJCNN.

Ajcai (3): Australia's comprehensive AI conference, at the national/regional level AI conference is good.

CAI (3): Canada's comprehensive AI conference is good at the national/regional AI Conference.

CEC (3): One of the most important conferences in evolutionary computing, the event type. Ijcnn/cec/fuzz-ieee these three meetings are
The most important meeting in computational intelligence or soft computing, which often opens together, is called Wcci (world
Congress on Computational Intelligence). But this field is not quite the same as the other branches of CS, and
Similar to other disciplines, only pay attention to the journal, do not pay attention to the Conference, so the recruitment rate is often around 85%, the article recorded both
Quality is a very high paper, but also a beginner's work.

Fuzz-ieee (3): The most important meeting of the Blur, the event type, see the introduction of CEC.

GECCO (3): One of the most important conferences in evolutionary computing, comparable to the CEC, the event type.

ICASSP (3): One of the most important speech-related meetings, the people in this area are not very care meetings.

ICIP (3): One of the most famous conferences in image processing, the event type.

ICPR (3): One of the most famous meetings in pattern recognition, the event type.

Iea/aie (3): Artificial intelligence Application Conference. Usually only a few articles are nominated for a general meeting to nominate excellent papers.
is already a very high honor, this will be very interesting, each time 1, 20 of outstanding paper nominations, specifically engaged in a few
The session to be nominated paper report, it is very lively.

IJCNN (3): The most important meeting and event type of neural network, see the introduction of CEC.

IJNLP (3): A relatively famous conference in computational linguistics/natural Language processing.

Pricai (3): Asia-Pacific Integrated Artificial Intelligence Conference, although the history is not short, but because better than it or quite the comprehensive
Meeting too many, so it is difficult to rise.

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