AI (Adobe Illustrator) detailed usage (i)

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First, new Document 1, set the parameters of the panel

Double-clicking the Panel tool will bring up the Panel Options window.

2. Document Settings

After the document is set up, you can modify it and open the changes in the file--"Document settings."

Second, interface settings 1, user interface

Edit--"preferences--" user interface.

2. Double-click Zoom

Double-clicking a panel toggles between "merge"--"lite"--"maximized" three panels.

3. Save Work Area

If you want to use your current work environment next time you open the Panel, click New Workspace. Named "XXX", you can switch to this workspace next time.

4. Reset panel

Reset the panel to the initial state, and in the upper right, select Reset your selected workspace.

Third, the view operation 1, the canvas Center

Press Ctrl+0

2. Zoom Out

Select Magnifier to zoom in with the Click Point Center when you point the canvas, and hold down the ALT key to zoom out.

Another trick: use a magnifying glass to drag and drop a rectangle in the canvas area to enlarge the rectangular area.

Click the Hand tool to move the canvas.

Shortcut keys can be found in the View menu.

Ctrl+1 shows the true size.

CTRL + Zoom In

CTRL shrink

If you need to temporarily switch to the hand tool when using another tool, press and hold the space.

temporarily switch to the Magnifier tool and use CTRL + SPACEBAR.

3. Navigator

You can move the small red squares in the navigation window to show the locations of the different areas.

The percentage in the navigator and the percentage in the canvas correspond to one by one.

Iv. setting up the artboard 1. Copy Canvas

Copy Canvas shortcut key is mouse press and hold +alt

2. Display auxiliary information

Whether center marks, crosshairs, and video security areas are displayed.

3. Switch panel

For example, there are several panels

Then click the drop-down menu that appears to display the panel individually and toggle it.

V. Settings for layers 1, show layers

Open Layer: Window--layer. The icon is as follows:

2. Introduction of objects

A name: An object-everything contained within a layer is called an object.

Select an object, as follows

Each object can be moved, select drag. "Shortcut keys need to remember"

3. Copying and pasting of objects

Copying is simple, selecting an object and then CTRL + C.

There are many ways to paste.

Paste in place-- the pasted position coincides with the original position.

You can also paste across layers. The way can also be dragged, copied the object, then select the layer, and then paste also can.

Vi. Selection Method Introduction 1. Select multiple objects

Press SHIFT, and then select each object individually.

2, select all the objects in the middle.

Click the circle at the back of the layer.

3, the use of direct selection tool.

The direct selection tool can not only select an object, but also select an anchor point in an object.

Moving an anchor point can change the outline of an object. You can also change the outline of an object by moving the Bezier curve next to it.

4. Filter Selector

Select a bear paw first, through the filter selector can select the same fill color of the object, the result will choose two bear Paw.

The filter selector allows you to select an object of the same stroke color, and the result is a choice of two paws and two bear feet.

In addition to filtering selector selection, the menu also has the same effect by selecting it.

Another quick way to choose is to save the selected stuff and then name it so that it appears in the selection menu.

For example, the selection of two Bear Paw, save, named Paw, so by choosing the menu paw can quickly choose two bear Paw.

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AI (Adobe Illustrator) detailed usage (i)

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