AI (Adobe Illustrator) detailed usage (ii)

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This article is mainly about creating and editing shapes.

A series of shape tools

1. Rectangle Tool

drag the rectangle directly.

Hold down shift to draw a positive shape (that is, a square).

Press Alt to draw the graphic at the center of the mouse position.

Press and hold Alt+shift to draw a square at the center point of the mouse position.

2. Other tools

Ellipse with square.


The default draw is Pentagon.

Press and hold the keyboard down arrow to increase or decrease the number of sides.

Hold down SHIFT to change the size of the middle circle of the polygon.

Ii. Path Finder 1, hide transparent background

Hides the transparent background and gets a white-bottom shape from a transparency graph.

In the menu bar, choose View-hide transparency grid.

2. Open Path Finder


First: Union, that is, merge

Second: Subtract the top layer, i.e. subtract

Third: intersection, i.e. intersect

Fourth one: Difference set

3, through the path finder to get a gear.

Objective: To get the right image from the left image

Gears with pen tool drawing is difficult, but through the path Finder can be very convenient to achieve.

Select yellow, Shift-Select blue, select intersection in the path selector, and get bottom right.

Select red and blue to merge to get the bottom right shape.

Subtract the green from the red. Select green, hold down SHIFT and select red, and press subtract. Get right.

At this point.

4, that is to get gears and keep the path

The final result in 3 is a single path. If you want to keep the shape of the gear and keep the path, proceed as follows.

Select "File"-"restore" to revert to the original state.

Once again, click on any one of the path finder buttons, hold down the ALT key, keep the original path, convenient for later modification.

such as: Yellow and blue hold alt to take the intersection, Blue Red hold Alt to take the set, green red take the difference set. The end result is the same, but the path is preserved.

The advantage of this is that you can select a point on the path by selecting the tool directly, or by selecting the single path, holding down SHIFT and ALT to zoom the object in the center position when you modify it later.

So when using Pathfinder, hold down the ALT key and keep the original path for later modification.

Third, the use of groups 1, the use of objects, groups to select

One option is to use the selection tool box, one is the circle behind the point layer if all under one layer.

But there is one more simple way to do this is to group.

Select all objects, and in the menu, choose Object-Group. "Or use the shortcut key Ctrl+g"

Using the selection tool, you can select an entire group by selecting any point in the group.

2. Collect multiple layers into one layer.

Merges all the layers and hats on the face of a person into one layer. Select the circle that corresponds to the right of the layer. Then select "Collect in New layer".

Iv. Transformation Tools

The selection tool allows for fast movement, rotation and zooming.

In addition to selecting tools, there are special rotation, zoom, and transform tools.

1. Rotary Tool

The Rotate tool can change the point around which the object rotates.

With the Rotate tool selected, the mouse becomes a 10 glyph, and when the mouse clicks anywhere, the anchor point is shifted to the position of the mouse click, where it is rotated again using the Rotate tool, which rotates at the center point of the point just before.

2. Zoom Tool

Similarly, the Zoom tool can change the point at which the object is scaled.

The SHIFT key is installed to scale proportionally.

3. Free Transform tool

This tool is useful and can do some very interesting effects.

Copy a set of graphics out. Then select "Free Transform Tool", the mouse click on the lower right corner do not put, while holding down CTRL, drag to produce the following perspective effect.

such as: Press and hold ctrl+shift drag effect, Ctrl+alt effect, ctrl+alt+shift effect can produce projection effect.

V. Independent Display group 1, independent display group

The standalone Display group mode helps us to quickly select the object that you want to select.

In the head layer contains a group, and the group contains a lot of paths and other groups, to directly click on the selection of beautiful women's lips can not be done, how to do?

Method One: Find the path of the lip, and select the small circle on the right side of the path.

Method Two: Display the group independently

There are two ways to display stand-alone, by right-clicking the mouse and selecting isolate selected groups. The second method is to double-click on the group. In stand-alone display group mode, the selection of other objects is not selected, as in.

By visible, the first is the head representing the head of this layer, the second is a group, representing the groups that are displayed independently.

Even if this is not the middle lip, because the lips in the group inside another group, such as.

You can double-click the group again, and the path to the right is the path to the lip.

2. Exit the standalone Display group mode

Method one: Through the upper left corner of the breadcrumb navigation can be exited at one level.

Method Two: Press the ESC key to exit once.

Vi. use of Word tools 1, plus

Use the Text tool to draw a box out, paste a few lines of text found a red Cross, representing some of the text is not displayed. You want to display a large text box that you can drag.

2. Character setting

You can open the character panel by clicking the "character", or you can open it in the window-"text-".

The size of the word

Line spacing

The degree of the word Vlasov "not recommended, not beautiful, adjustable font to achieve the purpose"

Horizontal stretching "Not recommended, not beautiful, adjustable font to achieve the purpose"

Single Character spacing

All Word spacing

To raise some characters

Adjusting the angle of rotation

Capitalize all characters

Case switching

Upper and Lower corner mark

Add underline and Strikethrough styles

3. Paragraph setting

You can set the alignment mode.

First Line Indent

After the first paragraph of paragraph

4. Re-use Text style

You can save reuse by encountering reusable styles. Improves productivity.

Suppose I spend a lot of time doing a text style, like, how does this style be used multiple times?


Select the text, in the window--"text--" character style.

It will pop up a box, click New, and name it.

After the creation, click "Normal character style", check the character tool, create a few new text, directly apply the style name just can have the same effect.

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AI (Adobe Illustrator) detailed usage (ii)

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