AI usage (Adobe Illustrator)

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I hope to help the people who are using AI:

The color dots on the rightmost side of the layer are selected, indicating that all the child layers under the layer are selected. Similarly, child layers.

A child layer is a layer next to a layer. In AI, a child layer is automatically formed for every drawing.
A layer is like a layer group in PS, which is used to manage these child layers. Sometimes some layer attributes need to be modified on the layer, such as the identifier color of the layer.
You can select multiple layers and child layers by pressing shift and the right-side color dots.

Double-click to isolate multiple objects that have been grouped. You can use the Isolation Mode to edit an object in the group object, but other objects will not be affected! Double-click a place outside of isolation to cancel isolation.

Selection tool (Black Arrow): used to select one or more vector objects, and can adjust the basic attributes of objects (rotation, scaling, etc.), only the entire image can be selected, you can directly select a tool to select one or more anchor points for deformation.
Direct selection tool (white arrow): used to select and modify the basic element of a vector object, that is, the anchor (handle) and path. You can select an independent or multiple anchor editing tool. You can directly edit the anchor's handle to adjust the shape of the curve. You can select an independent or multi-segment path to modify it. All operations ignore any combination relationships (including groups ). Double-click the anchor to edit it.
Group selection tool (hidden tool for Direct selection tool): used to select objects in a combination without damaging the combination (including groups. The group selection tool can only select the entire object, and can select any combined commands (including groups) without disbanding the combined command to select the objects in the combination, however, you cannot select or modify the anchor or path separately (you need to switch the tool for scaling objects ).

How do I create an intersection of two shapes?
You can cut the mask to achieve: 1 copy the red block and put it on the blue. 2. Select red and blue, and right-click to create a cut mask.

After a mask, how do I edit the content?
Click Create/release cut mask at the bottom of the layer control panel, and double-click the area to be edited to enter the isolation status for editing. After editing, click Create/release cut mask again.

What are the sequential shortcuts for overlapping face layers in AI?
Select a layer, CTRL + brackets (click the top or bottom layer), and the bottom right of the left side. If shift is added, it is the bottom and top layers. These are the order of Superposition on the level of the child layer, instead of adjusting the order of superposition beyond the level of the layer. By dragging the left mouse button, you can change the order of child layers at the layer level.

In AI software, how do I draw an equi-edge triangle?
Use the toolbox and polygon tool, click the left button on the page, and enter three edges in the pop-up dialog box to draw an equi-edge triangle. If you drag it directly, the hexagonal structure is displayed.

I want to simulate the color of an image to make another image. How can I use the full color scheme?
When the simulated image is opened, click the color palette icon on the right side to absorb the color from the straw, and click New Color Palette on the color palette Panel. This color exists on this color palette, in the same way, draw other color values and create them one by one. When all colors are finished, click the icon in the lower left corner of the color palette panel: store the color palette.
Go to your file, open the color palette panel, click the icon in the lower left corner to go to "other libraries", and import the color palette you just stored, then all the colors you store are already on your color palette for easy use. It is more convenient that when you drag this panel near the color palette icon on the sidebar on the right, it is automatically integrated with the color palette and other panels into the same panel.

AI usage (Adobe Illustrator)

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