Ai+ps teaches you to create lifelike retro radios.

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Effect Chart:

Step 1

Make a wireframe in AI and draw a rectangle with a rectangular tool.

Step 2

Select the upper-left corner and drag it to a rounded corner using the pen tool.

Step 3

Repeat the same process in the lower left corner oh.

Step 4

Add an anchor point to the corner, and then we'll change its position ~ position as shown in the figure below.

Step 5

Continue to draw the line shape, as shown in the following figure ~

Step 6

Select all of our shapes in AI, then click > Transform > Reflection

Step 7

Select "Copy" in the dialog box

Then we can get the same graphics on the right!

Step 8

Combine two graphics with the "join set" in the Pathfinder.

And then properly adjust the anchor point ~

Step 9

Repeat the other shapes until our shape is more perfect.

Step 10

Draw four rounded rectangles of the shape, this is our radio four feet ~

Step 11

Then draw the following graphics ~ can be drawn with rounded rectangle tool and then adjusted properly.

Step 12

Add small rectangles to the right of the shape

Step 13

Left also add some

The effect is like the following ~=w=

Step 14

Then draw a rounded rectangle and two slender rectangles in the middle.

Step 15

Add some text to the middle of the rectangle, add numbers up and down, from the 0-10~

Step 16

Now we use the Star tool to add the parameters shown in the following figure ~

And then our gear comes out.

Step 17

Add some small circles to the gears and all the graphics will make up our radio button ~

Step 18

Copy the button and place it on the left

The approximate shape of our radio is coming up so far ~

Step 19

And then draw two rounded rectangles on the top of the corner.

Step 20

Draw a slender rounded rectangle, and then alt drag to copy one, and then ctrl+d copy two out ~

Step 21

Add a graphic to the middle of the four rounded rectangles, which is to copy the four rounded rectangles and lengthen them.

Step 22

Then add a small rounded rectangle between the button and the Radio display box, as shown in the following image purple Oh ~

Step 23

Converts text to outlines. Select the text shown in the figure and then right-click to create contour.

Step 24

Output graphics to Photoshop, select all paths in AI, and then copy Ctrl + C to clipboard

Step 25

Work with wireframe in Photoshop. Open Photoshop, create a new 4400px*3300 layer, and then click CTRL + V to paste the path to Photoshop. Select the shape layer in the dialog box, and then click OK.

Step 26

To make our next job easier, we'll split the overall graph by selecting the path, select four feet, then CTRL + Shift + J move them to the new layer. As shown in Figure 2. The rest is the same as split out ~

Step 27

The body shape. Now let's start by drawing the shape of the subject. Oh, set the color to #14100f.

Step 28

Add gradient overlay, parameter settings: Normal, transparency 8%, linear, angle 90°.

The effect is purple drop =w=

Step 28

Then set the color of the following shape to black oh yes #000000

Step 29

Then add a lighter black #060606~ to the smaller rounded rectangle.

Step 30

Pull up the selection, then add a new layer, and then stroke it around 2px, white!


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