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Originally the file can be downloaded directly through hyperlinks, but now to include a few parameters in the URL, and these parameters if clicked event triggered by the latest value, so the use of Ajax in the way to download


1. The return value type using Ajax,ajax is json,text,html,xml type, or it can be said that Ajax send, accept can only be string string, cannot stream type, so can not implement file download, strong use will appear response conflict.

If you want to use Ajax, you can only return file-related URLs that are worth generating. The callback function is then created by creating an IFRAME and setting its SRC value to the file URL, or a processing URL to the file generation stream, so that the file download is done and the page is not refreshed.

2. Do not use Ajax, through the DOM dynamic operation or create iframe,form way to achieve, while downloading the file implementation of the page is not refreshed, where the SRC can be a file address URL to download files directly, can also be a stream processing URL through the response stream output download, form is the stream processing URL through the response stream output download, Dom dynamic operation when the file download, and the page does not refresh.

Here is the use of 22 operation of the DOM way to achieve the download:

Operation iframe Mode:

function Ajaxdownload (urlpost,data) {       $.ajax ({url:urlpost,type: "POST", Cache:false,data:data,beforesend: function () {        $ ("#grid_crud"). Pqgrid ("showloading")        },success:function (filename) {var url = urlpost + (( Urlpost.indexof ("?") > 0)? "&": "?") + $.param (data)); $ (document.body). Append ("<iframe height= ' 0 ' width= ' 0 ' frameborder= ' 0 '  src=" + URL + "></ Iframe> ")},complete:function (data) {        $ (" #grid_crud "). Pqgrid (" hideloading ")        },        error:function (A, B , c) {        $ ("#grid_crud"). Pqgrid ("hideloading")        }});       

Operation form:

        function Ajaxdownload (url,data,method) {        if (URL && data) {        //data is string or array/object        data = typeof data = = ' string '? Data:jQuery.param (data);        var inputs = ';        Jquery.each (Data.split (' & '), function () {        var pair = this.split (' = ');        Inputs + = ' <input type= "hidden" name= "' +pair[0]+ '" value= "' +pair[1]+ '"/> ";        });        JQuery (' <form action= ' +url+ ' "method=" ' + (Method | | ' Post ') + ' > ' +inputs+ ' </form> '). AppendTo (' body '). Submit (). remove ();}        


Ajax Download files

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