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Ajax (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a programming technique that allows you to combine Java technology, XML, and JavaScript into Java-based WEB applications to break the paradigm of page overloading.

Ajax is not a technology, not a software, of course, it will not be your favorite team jacket. You can't download any software or framework available for Ajax on your website. Ajax is a solution that incorporates JavaScript, XML, and XMLHttpRequest technologies in this solution. It's all called Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, abbreviated to Ajax. Now that you've already used Ajax solutions with Gmail, Google Map, Google suggestion, and so on, if you look at the source code of these sites, you'll find that the source code is entirely composed of javasctip scripts, right?

In this scenario, a ECMAScript that is subordinate to JavaScript is an extension of JavaScript that is specifically used to parse XML files, and is called (ECMAScript for XML, E4X). The introduction of this technique makes JavaScript parsing xml very simple.

There are asynchronous, naturally there is synchronization. and our traditional network application is formally based on synchronous transmission, and the user makes the request-> Server logic processing-> server to respond to user requests to complete the display. This is the complete process by which a user accesses an application or Web page, and the user passes through three waiting processes from the request to the end of the request, if it seems to be an immutable reality in the traditional scenario. But is this really the case, Ajax not only provides us with a new idea, but also challenges the traditional program.


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