Ajax series tutorials, from reading, modifying, adding, to cool Delete effects! -Web development/Ajax

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The purpose of this tutorial. this is to popularize ajax technical knowledge. I want to share my courses with more people. in the spirit of learning, original attitude, and progress. over the past few years, I have been active in small ajax business projects. this summer is too hot. I can write this tutorial while I am unemployed .. share it with you... it's also my long-lasting wish .... hope you and Banzhu can provide support. thank you !!!
Article 1: ajax preparation
Abstract: before that, we need to make some simple ajax preparations, but you must have basic html, javascript, and dom compiling capabilities. otherwise, you will have a hard time reading this ajax tutorial. my purpose is to pass this tutorial. you can use ajax to implement, read, add, modify, and delete data on your webpage. maybe you are an old bird, but I still want you to take a look at some examples demonstrated in this tutorial. It may attract you!
Address: http://www.web666.net/ajax/ajax_1.html
Article 2: ajax Data Reading
Abstract: The last time we talked about "ajax preparations", after completing basic ajax preparations. let's take a look at it: the first test of ajax to read data. yes, what we want to achieve today is. read and Display Server data without refreshing the webpage
Address: http://www.web666.net/ajax/ajax_2.html
Article 3: ajax reading data to a table
Abstract: In the first two articles, we talked about "Preparations for ajax" and how to use ajax technology for simple data reading. what we want to talk about today is: read multiple pieces of data from the server using the Ajax no-refreshing technology, and display the returned data in a table. at the same time, I will show how to use JavaScript scripts and Dom interfaces to create a table for a webpage. display the ajax request data in this table.
Learning and instance demo address: http://www.web666.net/ajax/ajax_3.html
Article 4: real-time display of ajax data Addition
Abstract: After studying the first three ajax examples, I think you can use ajax technology to read simple data.
What we want to learn today is: Use ajax to add data to the database on the server, and then instantly display the added data without refreshing the webpage.
Address: http://www.web666.net/ajax/ajax_4.html
Article 5: ajax data display Modification
Abstract: In the previous article, we talked about how to use ajax to add data to a database. Today, we want to take a course to modify Database Data Using ajax and display new content on the customer's webpage immediately. of course, there will be no page refresh during the modification process!
Learning and demo address: http://www.web666.net/ajax/ajax_5.html
Article 6: Ajax data addition and Deletion
Abstract: If you have mastered the previous articles and implemented the ajax deletion function, it will be quite difficult. What I want to teach you is flexible use of JavaScript and Dom to achieve a cool deletion effect.
Learning and demo address: http://www.web666.net/ajax/ajax_6.html
At this point, six articles have been completed. You will be able to use the right-click menu to implement, read, add, modify, delete, paging, upload, and other effects.
The above tutorial has some doubts.

Ajax series tutorials, from reading, modifying, adding, to cool Delete effects! -Web development/Ajax

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