Ajax toolkit Control Learning Series (1) -- Environment Configuration

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Today, codeplex saw a good open-source Ajax project. Let's take a look. I found that many Ajax statements are required. So I plan to review the relevant content and summarize the previous knowledge.

To put it bluntly, let alone the ins and outs, the development of RIA, and the evolution of browsers. Directly.

    • Download the official Microsoft ajaxtoolkit

I have a problem. I don't know why, is it because the version and vs08 are compatible incorrectly? If there is a problem with the ajaxtoolkit, there will be many strange problems. For example, if you write a control on the aspx interface and take the button as an example, you cannot find another part of this partial on the designer, which directly leads to unavailability. In short, it is correct. Log on to the official website of ajax.net to download the ajax.net extension package. Http://ajax.asp.net/downloads/default.aspx? Tabid = 47

    • Configuration

Create a new Web application and use it as a test project. In the future, all examples will be written here. Add reference and import the DLL file.

This is not enough. You need to add registration in the header file on the page.Code. You can give your Ajax header file an alias for tagprefix. If you like it, I will use Ajax, so there will be a header file starting with Ajax. Controls can be referenced.

<% @ Register assembly = " Ajaxcontroltoolkit " Namespace = " Ajaxcontroltoolkit " Tagprefix = " Ajax " %>


If you like the drag and drop method, you cannot use it now. You need to go to toolbox, right-click Ajax Extentions, and add it. Click choose items and then import the corresponding DLL


After the selection, two options, accordion and accordionpane, are displayed, and then click OK. Then you can see the following in Ajax extensions.

    • Prerequisites

I will not talk about it here. I think you should know something about scriptmanager, updatepanel, and asynchronous updates. If you do not understand it, the mechanism is not clear in one sentence. This seriesArticleI recommend terrylee's http://www.cnblogs.com/Terrylee/archive/2006/11/12/558683.html series for those in-depth things that focus on applications and Ajax.

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