Ajax.NET onloading and the default namespace for ASPX pages and Ajaxpro Google Group how come there's no Chinese?

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This is the Ajax.NET author onloading demo. In terms of downloading his code, there are a few questions:
1, what is the default namespace for aspx if an ASPX page does not have a post code CS class file, or does not manually add a name space to the vs2005? Is ASP?? I think you may not have noticed the problem. Consult Wuqi Master, he immediately Response.Write (this. GetType (). ToString ()) told me the results, it is true that ASP;
2, if a class contains the Ajax.NET method, is it likely that this class of onloading event will occur when the class method is invoked from the client? And when the call starts, does he return a bool-type value of true to this event? Call at the end and return a false to this onloading event?
If my analysis is correct then the author's code is well understood, followed by the author's code, an ASPX file, but what if my understanding is not correct?
3, in Ajax.NET's Google online forum on this issue posted a post, of course, I was sent in C, the address is: http://www.alixixi.com/web/a/http://groups.google.com/group/ Ajaxpro?lnk=li, because I e-wen, with the help of translation tools can read some of the article E, but with e-text posting or not that ability, My post on Google's Ajax.NET forum has 10 replies, all of which are foreign-made, and I guess I might have been amused, why didn't one of the people participate in registering for this forum? If you do not have Gmail invitation letter, please tell me, I sent to you!!
The author's onloading.aspx code is as follows: The author's demo address:
<%@ Page language= "C #" Classname= "Loadingdemo" inherits= "System.Web.UI.Page"%>


ajax.net-onloading example

onloading examples

click here to start a long operating method (2 seconds). After your have clicked on the link you should to the upper left corner.


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