Alexa rankings are not as important as you think.

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Recently, some customers will ask, "Can you do Alexa rankings?" "I am really disappointed to hear such a question, what age, there are people will consider such a problem, from the words we can see that there are still a large number of people, or do not understand the significance of network marketing, so will be in the non-core issues to spend energy or cost, I hate those who understand everything but also continue to earn black money of those many so-called network marketing service providers or individuals, regardless of what customers want to choose the service, the purpose is the same, using the network to promote their products, services until the brand, But why is the increase in Alexa rankings as an important indicator of this? Do those who want to do the Alexa rankings know what the Alexa rankings are made of? Google to the left of the ranking everyone good understanding, in order to more people to search, that Alexa rankings exactly explain what, really useful? Let's take a look at some of the factors that determine Alexa rankings:

The 1.Alexa rankings are ranked according to the number of visitors to each particular Web site. The greater the number of visits, the more forward.

2. The amount of traffic included in the statistics comes only from users using the Alexa toolbar (Alexa Toolbar). That is, only users download the Alexa toolbar and embed it in their browser. In this way, the user accesses a Web site, and the records they visit can count as the number of visits to the site. According to Alexa statistics, the user now uses the toolbar up to millions of.

The 3.Alexa toolbar works only under the Windows operating system and is available in the Internet Exploer browser, and access to other operating systems or browsers cannot be counted.

4. Access to security or encrypted sites (such as the use of HTTPS protocol), Alexa toolbar will automatically shut down, so those high safety factors of the site, Alexa will not be able to search and statistics rankings.

5. The use of Alexa toolbar users of the language, geography, culture and other aspects of the impact. Therefore, the English web site, compared to other languages of the site, the traffic data is more easily to be fully counted.

I believe that after you have finished, should be aware of Alexa rankings can explain what, I would like to summarize, if your site is really good, then Alexa rankings may be good, but not absolute, but the Alexa ranked good site, can not say that the site is not a problem, because the means to improve the site traffic is too much, is not effective natural flow is not necessarily, this point in fact, as with the PR value, they are only a measure of network marketing effect of some basic parameters, just one aspect of the evaluation criteria.

Anyway, a really good website. These two indicators after a period of accumulation, will be increased, will gradually better, but these two values is not necessarily better than the good marketing site, because those who I hate most people in the use of a variety of means to deceive the machine more deceive customers, because the ignorance of customers, Set the target in the PR value, Alexa rankings to improve, until these have been improved, but found that the business has not been more development, so the customer lost trust in the network, leading to the current network marketing services on the road is difficult.

In the final analysis, the ignorance of the client, coupled with the disruption of the normal service market by the improper services providers, lead to the present situation, we have only one solution, with knowledge to guide customers, educate customers, let customers understand the real marketing concept, with our service success stories tell customers we have the ability to help you succeed, say a little, But also rely on the industry's joint efforts, a public awareness of the change is needed a process, adhere to the end to succeed ...

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