Algorithm learning--single-link list fast row

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/** *  Start-end The nodes between the axes with p as an axis (including start &&  not including end); *  ideas:  * 1. Start the head node as an axis node, and from, if the node is less than the value of the axis start, insert the node behind the axis node;  * 2. Insert the Axis node in the appropriate position, that is, the last node less than the axis, and the node is swapped with the axis node value , the linked list is divided into two parts, less than the axis node and the greater than the axis node;  * 3. Recursively iterates through 2 of the two-part nodes.  *  *  @param  p *  @param  start *  @param  end */ Private static void quicksortwithlinkedlist (node start, node end)  {if  (start == null | |  start == end)  {return;} node last = start; node cur =; Node next ;// 1. The default start as the axis, if index is smaller than start, moves to the nextwhile  of start (cur != null  && cur != end)  {next =;if  (cur.value <=  Start.value)  {if  (start != last)  {//to prevent duplicate references that occur when the first element is less than an axis = next; Node startnext =;start. Next = cur; = startnext;cur = next;} Else{last = cur;cur =;}}  else {last = cur;cur =;}}  2. Move the axis to the appropriate position and swap the values of the nodes smaller than the axes node newindex =;last = start;//  Find the position of the axis insert last, that is, to find a node smaller than the axis; Newindex != end is to prevent end from being added to the computed range while  (newindex != null  && newIndex != end && newIndex.value <=  Start.value)  {last = newindex;newindex =;}   Swap the axis with the value of the node at the insertion position Int temp = last.value;last.value = start.value;start.value  = temp;// 3. Proceed to the next iteration quicksortwithlinkedlist (Start, last); Quicksortwithlinkedlist ( ,  end);}

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Algorithm learning--single-link list fast row

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