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The Stony Brook algorithm Repository

Collected many basic combinationsAlgorithmAnd provides the problem-based, language-based, and recommended materials.

Steven S. skiena, author of the Algorithm Design Manual

Bibliography of all data structures and algorithms:

All data structure and algorithms books (computer science)
Data Structure and algorithms:
Algorithm theory-SWAT 2002-M. penttonen
Algorithms-Robert Sedgewick
Algorithms and data structures-Niklaus Wirth
Algorithms and data structuresInCplusplus-Alan Parker
Algorithms and data structures the science of computing-Douglas Baldwin
AlgorithmsInJava, 3rd ed, Part 1-4-Robert Sedgewick
AlgorithmsInJava, 3rd ed, Part 5 graph algorithms-Robert Sedgewick
C algorithms for real time DSP-Paul embree
C and data structures-p.s. Deshpande
C ++ data structures 3rd ed-Nell Dale
Cplusplus plus data structures, 3rd ed-Nell Dale
Data Structure and Algorithms in C ++ 2nd ed-Adam drozdek
Data Structure and Algorithms in Java-starter El Waite
Data Structure for game programers-Ron Penton
Data Structures & AlgorithmsInJava-Robert lafore
Data Structures and algorithm analysisInC-Mark Allen Weiss
Data structures and algorithms-Alfred v. Aho
Data structures and algorithms 3 multi-dimen1_searching and computational geometry-Kurt Mehlhorn
Data structures and algorithmsInJava-Peter Drake
Data structures and algorithmsInJava-Robert lafore
Data structures and algorithms using Visual Basic. Net-Michael McMillan
Data structures and algorithms with object-oriented design patternsInCplusplus-Bruno R. Preiss
Data structures and algorithms with object-oriented design patternsInCSHARP-Bruno R. Preiss
Data structures and algorithms with object-oriented design patternsInJava-Bruno R. Preiss
Data structures and algorithms with object-oriented design patternsInPython-Bruno R. Preiss
Data Structures and problem solving using C ++ 2nd ed-mark Weiss
Data Structures and Program DesignInC ++-Robert L. Kruse
Data Structures demystified-Jim Keogh
Data Structures in Java A laboratory course-Sandra Andresen
Data Structures, algorithms and program style using C-James F. korsh
Dictionaryof algorithms and data structures
Fundamentals of data structures-Ellis Horowitz
Fundamentals of OOP and data structuresInJava-Richard Wayne
Garbage Collection Algorithms for automatic dynamic memory management-Richard Jones
Handbook of algorithms and data structures in Pascal and C 2nd ed-G. H. Gonnet
Information retrieval data structures & algorithms-William B. Frakes
Introduction to algorithms, 2nd ed-Thomas H. cormen
Numerical recipesInC The Art of scientific computing 2nd ed-William H. Press
Object-oriented data structures using Java-Nell Dale
Teach Yourself data structures and algorithms in 24 hours-Robert lafore
The art of computer programming 2nd ed vol3-Donald knuth
The art of computer programming 3rd ed vol1-Donald knuth
The art of computer programming 3rd ed vol2-Donald knuth
The Design and Analysis of Spatial Data structures-Hanan Samet
The tomes of Delphi algorithms and data structures-Julian Bucknall

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