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"Want to head" can be more convenient to others anytime and anywhere with you, buy and sell baby, make Amoy friends! can be added anywhere on the internet, so that others know want want online status, as long as a little "contact me" business is coming, hehe.

And you can add a number of Wang Wang, this shop has a number of customer service staff of the Wang Shop is very useful, the shopkeeper can set up a number of Wang Wang's customer service zone, the team is more powerful oh.

This is Taobao "flourishing all over the world"! can do business outside Taobao, as long as there is a Web page can add "Wang Wang", hurriedly follow the Phoenix President learned how to add want want avatar.

First look at the picture below, this is a typical more Wang Wang customer service zone, how to set it?

Case 1

First enter Ali Wang Wang's official home page in the "Feature Introduction" column, to find the "Wang Everywhere" button:

Wang all over the world page-1

On the right side of the page you can see the steps to generate code, very simple and quick.

Note: Avatar can be selected from two styles, with "and I Contact" and "only Want want Avatar":

Wang all over the world page-2

After the code is generated, click "Copy Code" to complete the copy of the code:

Wang all over the world page-3

After the code is copied, we have the following code to insert into the page, first to manage my store:

Wang all over the world page-4

Enter the shop decoration column:

Wang all over the world page-5

Want need icon can be added to any Web page, as long as the first determine the location to add, generally will be added to the design of the decoration template, write a corresponding hint text "Wang Wang customer service", so that buyers easily find contact.

In the example below, we insert want wants into the favorites template on the left, find the custom Content area module to add code, and click the Edit button:

Case 1

After entering the template, you must switch to code mode:

Wang all over the world page-6

Code mode, find the location of the inserted code, be sure to find the right to see the character position!

Wang all over the world page-7

After successfully pasting the Wang Wang code, the following figure:

Wang all over the world page-8

Click the "Edit HTML Source" button again to return to the visual mode.

Wang all over the world page-9

Extrapolate, put your multiple want to the "Wang all over the world" section of the copy good code, and then insert

Finally save the code, the release is done.

Wang all over the world page-10

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