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(i) View chat records

Sometimes, you in Ali Wangwang with the seller to talk about a certain business, but we do not remember clearly, need to document the form of file, this time can only rely on view Ali Wangwang chat records. There are two ways to view this:

First, in the Chat window with the contact is still open, click on the lower right of the window "message record" directly to view:

Ali Wangwang Page-1

Choose to click "View Message Record", the right side of the existing window will display the previous chat with the customer content. It can be viewed by the buttons below the record content: 1 for the page, 2 for the date, and 3 for more.

Ali Wangwang Page-2

The second is to view the history when the chat page with the contact has been closed:

1, Login Ali Wangwang, click Ali Wangwang the bottom right corner "chat record" button.

Ali Wangwang Page-3

2, in the pop-up "message manager", using "chat time" and keywords "two search box to search for useful chat records." Use the list of friends on the left to find the friend through the group.

Ali Wangwang Page-4

Warm tip: If you have not previously added each other for Ali Wangwang friends, suggest to the "stranger" option to view.

(ii) Chat record export

In the Ali Wangwang with the sellers of a certain business, in order to ensure the effectiveness of records, to prevent other future risks, we can export the chat record to make a backup.

You can export your contact chat record by following these steps:

1. Click the "Export" button on the top right of the history Chat record window, and in the pop-up box, select the Starting time and end time, and the type of message, as determined;

Ali Wangwang Page-5

2, select the path and save the type, press "save" can be. Currently save type can choose WMD, txt,mht three kinds of formats;

A cow reminder:. WMD support chat record import,. txt and. MHT format does not support chat record import.

(iii) Chat record import

You can import your contact chat records by following these steps:

1, in the contact point you want to import the chat record contact person, right click, in the Right menu select "View chat Record"-"view local chat record";

2, in the history of the Chat record window on the top right click the "Import" button, in the pop-up box, select the file you want to import, press OK.

(iv) How to delete the chat record

After you sign in to the message manager above, follow these steps:

Select the contact or group you want to delete in the list on the left;

There is a small box before each record, tick before the record to be deleted;

Click the Delete button above the message manager.

Ali Wangwang Page-6

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