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First, Ali Wangwang communication skills

1, do not disturb your Wang Wang on the customer

About you communication skills-1

2, want to exchange time not too long, business communication is not equal to chat

About You communication skills-2

3, pay attention to their own language attitude

About You communication skills-3

4, to avoid some unnecessary topics

About You communication skills-4

5. To avoid and defuse the "cold problem" of Wang-Wang communication

About You communication skills-5

Second, skillfully use to do the promotion

(i) to help promote the signature

Ali Wangwang signature, can help us better to promote the network, even if we do not online, as long as the setting of personalized signature, then add our friends to the other contact list can show our slogan, such as "New listing, please pay attention!", "end of the single sale, limited to buy!"

Next, let's take a look at how to set up the sign.

Specific steps:

1, enter "member name" and "password", login Ali Wangwang.

Ali Wangwang Page-1

2, at the top of the Ali Wangwang interface to find "point this input character signature", the mouse click the word, in the "point this input character signature" position input text, request 32 text.

Ali Wangwang Page-2

3, in the position of the signature of the personality, you can set up as the company's discount promotional advertising language, such as "Discount sales-08 Winter clothing tail Single sale", can also be set up as the company's core product information, such as "the company's core products: ol women, Ruili Women's version.

Ali Wangwang Page-3

(b), to help promote the mass

We can use Ali Wangwang mass information, our products and the company's latest dynamic to tell our customers, better network promotion.

Next we'll look at how to use Ali Wangwang mass information.

Specific steps:

1, open Ali Wangwang Login interface, enter "member name" and "Password", click "Login".

Ali Wangwang Page-4

2, select the group that needs mass information, click on the right button, in the page out of the choice of "mass information to the team members."

Ali Wangwang Page-5

3, in the jump out of the dialog box, you can see all members of the group member ID appear in the box, at this time, as long as the input needs to mass information content, click "Send" can be.

Ali Wangwang Page-6

Flexible use of Ali Wangwang, with sincerity and our customers to communicate. If we haven't done the above points, go ahead and try!

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