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In order to help sellers better understand the quality of information, release more high-quality information, so we launched a supply of information for the quality of the star, for sellers reference. Star grade is divided into five stalls, the higher the star, the quality of the supply information is also relatively better.

Detailed description According to different industries, there may be different ways of presentation and focus.

Quality star rating based on what is the source?

We received a large number of buyers feedback, and found that the buyer would like to see a detailed, informative, high-quality information, such information will help buyers make procurement decisions. Therefore, in order to help our sellers improve the quality of information, so as to improve access to feedback and trading opportunities, we through the buyer's research, combined with a series of statistical data on the site, after a large number of analysis, from which to refine some of the basic information quality of reference suggestions.

Information quality stars where can I see?

Supply information comment on the star level can be seen in the following places:

1, in the customer release the supply information process, provides the reference suggestion

2, in the Ali assistant "management business Information" page, you can see the Internet or have expired supply information quality star display, sellers can also be based on different stars to filter and view

3, every day to help sellers statistics have been online supply information of the star distribution so that sellers more understanding of their information quality situation

What kind of supply information is higher quality?

The quality of information here refers to the quality of the supply of information, not related to the quality of suppliers and physical products of the specific quality.

Information is composed of several elements of information, the quality of the supply of information depends to a large extent on the quality of information elements, the following specific information in the supply of information in the main elements:

1. Category: To choose the right kind of eyes

In the release of the supply of information, you can enter the product name and other keywords, quickly find and select the correct product category, you can also according to the category structure, the selection of your product category.

Figure 1 Selecting the class page

2, Product attributes: In the information release process, the product attribute is very core fill in the content, suggest complete, correct fill in the product attribute.

Complete, correct completion of the product attributes can improve the information in search of the hit rate, greatly improve exposure probability, but also to allow buyers in the first time, a more comprehensive understanding of products.

Take MP3 as an example to illustrate:

• When publishing information:

Figure 2 Filling out the basic information page

Post information, after the audit, in the details of the information page display as:

Figure 3 Information Detail Page

• Buyers can filter on certain properties when searching for supply information

Figure 4 Information Search results page

3, information title:

The title is the core concentration of the information content. A clear presentation and a headline that contains key information about the product can make it easier for users to understand the product and attract more interest from the buyer.

There are several specific aspects of the following:

1 A piece of information a product. An information title describes only one product, and multiple products are not placed in the same header;

2 The information title contains the key word of the product;

3 The title added and product-related descriptive words, rich title content, highlighting the product selling point;

such as: Support mixed batch, support Alipay, brand, model, style, color, material, function, feature, promotional discount information, etc.

Various industry quality title case:?

Examples of high quality clothing titles

Commodity Quality Title Examples

Examples of quality titles for industrial products

Examples of raw material quality title

Examples of high quality titles for processing products

4, product Picture: Upload your product clear big picture, help buyers first time intuitive understanding of your product details.

The uploaded product image will be displayed in the search results list for the supplied information and will be displayed on the details page of the message.

Ordinary members can upload a picture of the product, the integrity of the members can upload three product pictures, please upload the product related to the big picture, do not upload unrelated pictures.

Product picture upload small knowledge points:

1 Upload picture size can not exceed 3M (need customer computer installed flash 10); If not installed Flash 10, upload picture size does not exceed 200K

2 picture file name Please do not include punctuation, or too long, the picture must be JPG, JPEG, GIF format;

3 Click Upload Picture button, the website provides automatic watermark function, the content of Watermark is your company name, you can choose according to need;

4 If you are not satisfied with the effect of the current picture or need to convert the picture format, you can use the free tools "picture assistant" provided under the "Upload Picture button" website for processing (login Ali Wangwang), you can also use other professional image processing tools to process pictures, and then upload;

Figure 5 Picture upload page

• Product pictures in the Information detail page display:

Figure 6 Product Details page

5, Detailed Description:

Detailed description of the entire product, including product details, product performance, materials, parameters, model, use, packaging, use instructions, after-sales service and so on, illustrated, highlighting the advantages of your products and characteristics. It is one of the important components of the buyer's decision to make a single transaction.

How to insert a picture in a detailed description, click here to view the tutorial:

According to different industries, there may be different ways of presentation and focus.

such as: In the consumer goods industry, especially in small commodities, clothing, digital, etc., in addition to detailed product text description such as product raw materials, specific parameters, suitable for the crowd, packaging, freight, service security, need to have multi-dimensional product detail map, so that buyers more comprehensive understanding of products;

such as: industrial category of raw materials industry, it is more focused on filling in a comprehensive product introduction, parameter forms, technical documents, pre-sales after-sales service, return goods issues, and so on, the proposal to upload part of the product details map;

such as: processing industry, you need to explain the processing of products, product parameters table, packaging, post service, transportation and processing capacity of the company and so on

Various industry quality detailed description case:

Examples of detailed description of clothing quality

Small commodity Quality Detailed description Example

Examples of high quality detailed description of industrial products

Examples of detailed description of raw material quality

Examples of high quality detailed description of processing class

6, Support Online ordering: Support Online ordering information, buyers can be placed directly on the site and through Alipay guarantee payment.

Buyers more trust to support online ordering sellers, the proposal according to the actual situation of products, select "Support Online order", fill in the price range of products! (as required by relevant authorities or not licensed for some product transactions, or for other reasons, some categories currently do not support online ordering.) such as medicine, maintenance industry)

Support Online ordering small knowledge points:

1 Select Support Online ordering, the default support Alipay guarantee transaction

2 Choose to Support Online ordering, must fill in the price of products; If your clothing, small commodities, such as wholesale manufacturers, the proposal to fill 2

And above price range, the embodiment of a large price excellent, more attractive to buyers to choose your products.

What are the advantages of high quality supply information?

Advantages of one, high-quality supply of information, reflecting the seller's professional, intentions of the image, more easily win the trust of buyers;

Advantages of second, high-quality supply of information, more easily favored by buyers, attract buyers eyeball, improve the probability of ordering orders from buyers;

Advantages of three, high-quality supply of information will have more opportunities to be extracted by the site to do special page promotion or recommendation

What is the relationship between information quality and ranking?

Information Quality Star is the display of the quality of the supply information, the higher the star, the better the relative quality of information. High-quality information helps to attract buyers and helps to increase the acceptance of your buyers, making it easier to broker deals. Information Quality star High information, have the opportunity to sort forward.

But in addition to the quality of information, the ranking of information is also affected by a number of integrated factors, such as the freshness of information, such as the buyer's search behavior, as well as the market, the number of similar products and the number of products released, and so on. This is a search engine. A complex set of algorithms is automatically generated by the system to order, is not controllable.

In the long run, it is recommended that you should continue to improve your information, a lot of release so that buyers close to the quality of information, while keeping in mind the freshness of information, every 3 days to send again.

Why would I find that Samsung's information would be in front of four stars?

From the point of view of information quality, the information quality of four-star is better than that of Samsung. This is mainly because the ranking between the information will be affected by a number of comprehensive factors, such as the freshness of information, such as the buyer's search behavior, as well as the number of similar products in the market and the number of products released and so on. This is a search engine. A complex set of algorithms is automatically generated by the system to order, is not controllable. Therefore, under the influence of comprehensive factors, you may see three-star information will appear in front of the four stars.

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