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"How cluster authentication is enabled"

How to use Group albums?

How many groups will be enabled for the total?

How did the group of Ali Wangwang join?

How to quit the group

The specific steps refer to the following:

"How do I Enable a" group "?"

The specific steps are as follows:

1, open the "Ali Wangwang" window, click on "My Group

Ali Wangwang Page-1

2, open "I have the group", in the interface double-click on the right Wang Wang icon, enable the group;

Ali Wangwang Page-2

3, in the pop-up "Enable group" interface, please fill out "group name", "Group Introduction", select good "group Classification", set up to join the group whether need "authentication" and other related information, and finally click "Submit";

Ali Wangwang Page-3

4, at this time "group" enabled successfully, in this interface, you can follow the prompts to "supplement the group information immediately", "invite members to join", open the Group window, "complete" four operations.

Ali Wangwang Page-4

"How cluster authentication is enabled"

After you have enabled the Ali Wangwang group, if you have not set up the group authentication information at the beginning, you want to add the group members need to verify later, you can try the following specific settings to learn more:

1, click on the top right corner of the menu, select the "System Settings" button;

Ali Wangwang Page-5

2, select the "Security Settings" under the "Verification Settings" button;

3, point Select Group verification under the "Put me into the group, need me to verify" the box before the hint;

4, click on the bottom right corner "application", "OK".

Ali Wangwang Page-6

7, click to determine the completion of the group verification function. Add friend authentication and multiplayer chat verification, also through the above steps to set.

"How does a group album work?"

Group albums and other groups of services, must be opened by the group of owners.

1, as a group of owners, open the group, you can click on the top right corner of the group services in the "album", point "point this open";

Ali Wangwang Page-7

2, after the opening, group members in the group's upper right corner, point group albums, see the following page:

Ali Wangwang Page-8

3, point "upload picture", you can follow the normal steps to upload pictures oh.

"How many groups can Wang-mong enable?"

The group you have is related to permissions:

1, enable the number of groups and active degree related. From the first login to the start, there are 1 groups, 5 levels of activity, 2 groups can be enabled, 9 levels, 3 groups can be enabled, and 18 groups can be enabled. However, an account number can enable up to 4 groups.

2, group master number: Each group has a group of owners.

3, the number of administrators: Each group can be set up to 3 administrators.

4, the group and the Administrator's authority difference: The group main permission is slightly high, may set up the administrator, may deactivate the group

"How did the group of Ali Wangwang join?"

Login Wang Wang, click on the top of the label "My Group", and then click the Bottom "Find add Group", will pop up dialog box, enter the group number, click the "Find" button, add the corresponding group can, as shown:

Ali Wangwang Page-9

"How to quit Wang Wang Group"

You can right-click the group name, click "Exit Group", in the "I am sure to quit this group" before the tick, click OK.

Ali Wangwang Page-10

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