Alibaba Cloud pushes game evaluation platform game cloud into the 2.0 age

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On March 16, at the annual conference of Alibaba games, Alibaba Cloud ( and Ali game release game evaluation platform, provide product analysis and performance testing services for the game online, and comprehensively upgrade its cloud computing products, strengthen the ecological construction and bring the game cloud into the 2.0 era.

It is reported that the upgraded services include fast high-explosive clusters, financial-level security services, hundreds of millions of traffic on Shoutao Tmall, and more overseas nodes, developers can not only enjoy expert-level technical support and door-to-door escort services provided by Alibaba Cloud in their cooperation with Alibaba games, but also obtain support from a support fund of up to 1 million RMB.

Comprehensive technology upgrade leads the game cloud ecosystem 2.0

As the gaming industry becomes more and more familiar with cloud computing, more vendors are trying to put the game on ECS. Sun Lei, general manager of Alibaba Cloud Game Department, said: "By the end of 2015, more than 90% of first-line game manufacturers have established close cooperation with Alibaba Cloud. Last year, up to 240 game products are supported by Alibaba Cloud." It is reported that more than 1000 games are currently running on Alibaba Cloud.

As mobile games become increasingly intensive, they have put forward higher requirements on IT infrastructure service capabilities. Alibaba Cloud upgraded its ECS to launch a dedicated high-performance game cluster. The new ECS product features a clock speed of 0.1 million GHz and above, IOPS of up to 0.3 million, and PPS of up. At the same time, it provides financial-level security protection and more overseas CDN nodes and data centers, allowing overseas customers to compete in the world.

In last July, Alibaba Cloud, together with Prism, Umeng, 9 seconds, and Haima game service enterprises, established the China Mobile Game ecosystem alliance to provide one-stop services for small and medium game teams. In September, for the first time, Alibaba Cloud opened up e-commerce, mobile games, and cloud service providers, and launched the gold coin exchange game gift packs on Mobile Taobao. The hundreds of millions of traffic of Mobile Taobao and Tmall provided new ideas for mobile game marketing. These provide abundant soil for the construction of the game cloud ecosystem.

"As more upstream and downstream service providers join the ecosystem alliance, we believe that the gaming cloud has entered the 2.0 era ." Said Sun Lei.

In 2015, over 1000 Alibaba cloud games

Build an all-in-one evaluation platform with Alibaba games to deepen data value

Game evaluation refers to the analysis and research on the overall quality of the game by collecting various types of data from the game through in-depth experience of the game, so as to determine the quality of the game, predict future market performance and game lifecycle.

Alibaba Cloud joins hands with Alibaba Games to provide powerful computing capabilities and evaluation services for game manufacturers, such as Operation data analysis, player opinion feedback, and performance testing. Alibaba cloud architects participate in game architecture performance evaluation throughout the process, guides game manufacturers to optimize better user experience, improve activation conversion rate and user retention.

The general trend of game production is to make high-quality products, that is, to retain customers. The game balance is one of the key points. "different weapons in the game must have a close relationship, otherwise the game will lose its meaning. It was previously determined by human computing or product managers. Now we can put these data into the data model of the evaluation platform and draw a conclusion after a test ." One MOBA game developer said.

Just as Alibaba Cloud's slogan "for the purpose of unmeasurable value", in the 2.0 era of gaming cloud, medium and small game manufacturers will have more options. The one-stop service can put the IT and O & M burden on manufacturers, focus on content production to create more excellent products.
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