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1. Apply for the Enterprise account: We need a business account;

2. Product function Contract: Alipay open Platform provides a variety of features of the API to find the API we need to view the document (mobile website Payment product Introduction 2013080604609688), the product function contract;

3. Download the corresponding API demo for testing (for example, mobile website payment interface Download Address: &doctype=1);

4. Download and unpack the folder structure:

5. Select the Java development of the test package, go in according to the Readme.txt documentation instructions for parameter configuration can be tested (Test Package Server Asynchronous Notification page path and page jump synchronization notification page path in the test can not be configured);

Several important parameters:

A. Partner ID, signing account, with 2088 beginning by 16-digit pure number of strings, view address:;

B. Collect payment account, with 2088 beginning by 16 digits of pure digital string, in general, the collection account is signed account;

C. Merchant's private key, Java development needs PKCS8 format, RSA public key generation: Treeid=58&articleid=103242&doctype=1

D. Alipay's public key, view address:;

E. Way of Contracting: RSA

About key: Generate Merchant private key and merchant public key by using key generator, public key put on the net to save, generate payment public key (note: Pay public key, and merchant public key is different)

Note: When paying, want to change the mobile phone Alipay (equipped with Alipay app) function, need to webroot the test package under the alipayapi.jsp:

Sparatemp.put ("App_pay", "Y");/enable this parameter to evoke purse app payments. Release. So as to achieve the same experience of mobile phone app payment.

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