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One of the most anticipated days of the year is this day, not one.
One of the most regretful missing days of the year, also this day, no one.
I believe you have guessed, this day is--
This important day this year, Aliyun domain name will bring what kind of surprise and pleasure?!
The list of promotions has been freshly baked, and the energetic spoilers look at it.
———————————— Domain name low price registration from 1 Yuan ———————————

The way of activity is simple, the strength of the discount is rough point.
For the needs of everyone, this double 11 to meet you.
There will be nearly 20 kinds of domain names suffix, have played the annual minimum price and exclusive discount.
• National top-level domain name. CN 11.11 Registration: ¥11/first year 39 yuan (activity time: 11.11 08:00-24:00)
As the Internet identity of Chinese enterprises/individuals, the. cn domain name currently retains more than 19 million, rapidly growing into the most potential national top-level domain.
11 Yuan is the lowest price in the history of CN, this is full of sincerity, please and Aliyun together to support CN country Domain name!

International top-level domain name. com 11.11 Registration: ¥45/first year 60 yuan (activity time: 11.11 whole day)

. com is one of the first domain name suffixes to appear in the world and is the most widely popular and recognized domain name.
11.11 the same day use. com double 11 exclusive discount Password: domain name double 11, registration only ¥45/first year! discount password only for PC-side use, and the. com Domain name other concessions (including vouchers, discounts, etc.) can not be enjoyed at the same time, channel users do not apply.
• Integrity exclusive top-level domain. Xin 11.11 Registration: ¥45/first year 88 yuan (activity time: 11.11 whole day)
Xin Domain name Web site has now supported based on large data credit evaluation of the integrity of the file display, effectively enhance access to the site can be trusted to win more business opportunities!
Xin win the world, double 11 day registration 50 percent, worth owning!
For the. Xin domain name old user,
11.11 the same day use. Xin Double 11 exclusive discount Password: XIN1111, the renewal fee only ¥19/first year! discount Password is valid for 11.11 08:00-24:00 (PC-side only), and other concessions (including vouchers, discounts, etc.) of the domain name can not be enjoyed at the same time, the channel user does not apply.
• Creative domain name. XYZ 11.11 Registration: ¥1/first year 69 yuan (activity time: 11.11 whole day)

Creative Unlimited, free combination definition x, y, z, so that the. xyz domain name quickly has millions of personality fans.
1 bucks, just 1 bucks! You can keep a good idea. The time to challenge the brain hole, now began to cattail imagine the wings, first listed it 500!
• Competitive domain name. Win 11.11 registration: ¥2/first year 158 yuan (activity time: 11.11 whole day)

Double 11 carnival atmosphere, buy well, buy cool, that moment of feeling like won the world!
Our successful small partners ". Win", will also be launched on the same day low prices, for everyone to buy and buy add oil, I wish every player in life, Harvest full!
• More suffix offers early know:
Domain name
11.11 Promotional Price (common words)
. Top
¥2/first Year
. Club
¥4/first Year
. pub
¥3/first Year
. site
¥3/first Year
. Online
¥3/first Year
. Red
¥6/first Year
. Pro
¥6/first Year
. Ltd
¥9/first Year
. Link
¥9/first Year
. Store
¥9/first Year
. News
¥16/first Year
. click
¥18/first Year

Has the wood to have the heartbeat?! The Batch inquiry tool is ready and the purchase list is quickly pulled up:
Bulk Query
———————————— Scarce Boutique domain name 1 yuan to shoot ———————————————

Last year, the double 11, to 1,140,888 yuan of the transaction price, Rong Deng new top-level domain auction most.
This year, 11,.xin,. Win,. Site,. Store,. Online,. Bid and other popular domain names suffix, will be ready to bid for a feast.
Selected a number of scarce given, two digital domain name, open to the public snap, look forward to another success.
Domain name, perhaps the best investment direction at the moment.
Fine special three-shot, the film is to earn, time to remember OH:
November 1; November 3; November 7
The first FFM Registration bureau Hot products have shelves, details stamp: Double 11 domain name first auction
The second Radix Registration bureau hot-selling domain name has been shelves, details stamp: Double 11 Radix Special auction
Third game. Xin scarce reserved words have been shelves, details stamp:. Xin rare Reserved Words auction
0 procedures for ———————————— domain name transactions ————————————

All over the world buy and buy, nature also without the domain name transaction.
Believe that the day there are a lot of friends, directed to the right of the good domain name "taobao".
Worried about the high fees generated by domain name transactions?
Small series tells you, 11.11 Day, in the Aliyun domain name trading platform Domain name transaction, the handling fee all 0 yuan!
More Aliyun domain name Double 11 discount, small series will continue to explode material, please attention.
««««««««««««««««« Enterprise Mailbox «««««««««««««««««
This 1 days, the enterprise mailbox also surprises repeatedly, vouchers, discounts to non-stop ...
Pre-warm-up period, voucher hair Non-stop
10.31-11.11 Daily issued 20, 50, such as full reduction vouchers, the maximum of 150 yuan, limited quota, quick to collect "
11.11 day, voucher and discount share, the highest discount in history
Double 11 Day,
New Purchase: Standard Edition, Group edition, 10 account number 1 years 60 percent, 2 years 50 percent
Upgrade: Full Mailbox upgrade, 10 account number 1 years 60 percent, 2 years 50 percent
Capacity: 10 account number, 60 percent
For everyone to calculate a sum, a few often buy email account can save how much, the highest province how much?
New Purchase
11.11 Discount Price
Voucher Re-billing
Final Price
Real Discounts
Standard Version-10 account
¥720/1 years
55 percent
Standard Version-10 account
¥1200/2 years
48 percent
Standard Version-50 account
¥5250/2 years
42 percent
Group version-500 account
¥35000/2 years
29 percent
Not 1 years, 60 percent, 2 years, 50 percent? How come there's less than this discount? That is because the mailbox itself is the more the more favorable account, plus a double 11 discount + voucher 3 discount, after the conversion of the strength of greater more surprises!
Small series to tell you that this 1-day discount, the greatest strength in history, Miss today and other 1 years, please hurry up to buy buy buy, don't wait to miss again regret oh immediately participate in ""
««««««««««««««««« Virtual host «««««««««««««««««
Exclusive hosting, only for the establishment of the station, the double 11 to 50 percent, there are 50 Yuan coupons, straight down in the end, so preferential, are in double 11 this year!
If you want to build a website and enjoy a 11 discount, please do the following:
Receive Preheat vouchers-> complete real name certification and confirm the need for virtual machine products-> advance understanding of the double 11 promotional rules;
Warm up voucher:
² Activity Time: 11.2-11.11 24:00
Activities: Download Aliyun app to the domain name and site, free to receive 20 yuan, 50 yuan exclusive virtual machine General vouchers, a limited number of first-come first-served;
²>> immediately receive
² Voucher Use Time: Double 11 available on the day + low to 50 percent, enjoy double discount;
² Voucher Support Scope: The whole line exclusive of virtual machine products new purchase, renewal, upgrade;
Prepare to buy exclusive hosting:
² According to the relevant national policy, purchase virtual machine products need to be extracted to complete the real name certification
How real name authentication immediate real name authentication
² How to choose the operating system? If you want to build a site, you need to confirm with the construction station: the Website development language, database type, and then select the operating system as needed, you can select according to the following table:
Web Development language
Virtual Machine Operating System
SQL Server, acess
MYSQL, Sqllite
If you can not confirm the information above, it does not matter, because we support the free replacement of the operating system function, online can be replaced;
² If you want to save some money, you can also choose the free website program to build the site, exclusive virtual machine to support the mainstream source of the Web site program, you can choose according to the following table:
Site Type
Windows system
Linux system
Content Management System
Easy to move CMS
Dream CMS, Phpcms, joomla!, Empire, etc.
Online shopping mall
Hishop, SITESERVERB2C, easy to move, etc.
ShopEX, Ecshop, etc.
Z-blog, etc.
WordPress, Z-blog, etc.
discuz! NT, SiteServer BBS, etc.
Discuz, Phpwind, Ucenter home, etc.
² How to choose the virtual host computer room? Choose from your site closer to the computer room, the faster the visit, we also provide you with the machine room speed tool, you can choose according to the results of the machine room, and we also support the online free replacement room function, very convenient.
Double One Activity notice:
1, the new purchase activities: Double 11 day, low to 50 percent, also available vouchers, enjoy a double discount!
View event Details >>
Exclusive Virtual Machine series
One year discount
Multi-year discounts
Efficient series (Hardware upgrades, faster)
60 percent
50 percent
Standard series (with standard hardware, price concessions)
70 percent
60 percent
Exclusive virtual machine price List of various models:
² Efficient Performance Product Configuration and price list:
Efficient performance
Pu Hui Edition
Professional Edition
Premier Edition
Flagship edition
Memory (G)
Web Space (G)
Database (G)
1-year Original price
Double 11-1 Year 6 discount (yuan)
Province 520
Province 710
Province 1381
Province 2630
Double 11-2 Year 5 discount (yuan)
Province 1296
Province 1776
Province 3456
Province 6576
² Standard Performance Product Configuration and price list:
Standard performance
Pu Hui Edition
Professional Edition
Premier Edition
Flagship edition
Memory (G)
Web Space (G)
Database (G)
1-year Original price
Double 11-1 Year 7 discount (yuan)
Province 270
Province 414
Province 828
Province 1548
Double 11-2 Year 6 discount (yuan)
Province 720
Province 1104
Province 2208
Province 4128
2, renewal, upgrade activities:
Double 11 day, Aliyun full line of virtual machine product renewals, upgrades, annual orders can enjoy 80 percent discount!

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