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  Modify Instance VPC Property


Modify the VPC property of the cloud server instance.

Specifies that when Vswitchid modifies the VPC property, the specified Vswitchid must belong to the current proprietary network.

The current switch and the new switch for the specified instance must belong to the same free zone.

Specifies that when Vswitchid does not specify a privateipaddress, the system automatically assigns an idle private network IP to the cloud server instance.

When specifying Vswitchid and privateipaddress, private network IP should belong to the network segment of the specified switch.

PrivateIPAddress relies on Vswitchid and cannot specify privateipaddress individually.

The cloud server instance that modifies the operation must be a Stopped state, and the newly created cloud server instance must undergo a start/stop to change the owning switch.

Request parameters

name type must describe
action system specified parameters, values: Modifyinstancevpcattribute
string specified instance ID
vswitchid string is the new switch ID, cannot modify the instance's switch across the free zone
privateipaddress string > new private network IP address, cannot specify

return parameters

All public return parameters, as detailed in the public return parameters

Error code

Error code Description Http Status Code Semantics
Invalidvswitchid.notfound Specified Virtual Switch does not exist. 404 The specified switch ID does not exist
Invalidvswitchid.mismatch Specified instance and Virtual switch are not in the same zone. 400 The specified instance and the specified switch do not belong to the same free zone
Invalidinstanceid.notfound Specified instance does not exist. 404 The specified ECS instance does not exist
Invalidprivateipaddress.mismatch Specified Private IP address isn't in the "Virtual Switch." 400 The specified private network IP is not in the network segment of the specified switch
Invalidprivateipaddress.malformed Specified Private IP address is malformed. 400 The specified private IP is not valid
invalidprivateipaddress.duplicated Specified Private IP address is duplicated. 400 The specified private network IP is already in use
Invalidprivateip.changing Previous action is not finished yet. 400 Instance modification private network IP as complete, can no longer be modified in
Invalidvswitchid.notfound Specified Virtual Switch is isn't found in the current VPC. 404 You cannot modify an instance's switch across VPC.
Incorrectinstancestatus The current status of instance does is not support this operation. 400 An instance that is not in the stopped state cannot do this.
Operationdenied Specified operation is denied as your instance isn't in VPC. 400 Instance is not a VPC type
Invalidprivateip.changing Specified Private IP address isn't in the "Virtual Switch." 400 Instance is modifying private network IP process (instance stop can only modify a private network IP)


Request sample




&< Public Request Parameters >

Return sample

XML format




JSON format


"RequestID": "473469c7-aa6f-4dc5-b3db-a3dc0de3c83e"


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