Aliyun Product Analysis (5): Ali Cloud Data processing tools DPC usability analysis and Case study

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DPC Usability Analysis and case study of Ali yun large data processing tools

The cloud-collecting room (data Process Center, referred to as DPC) is a DW/BI tool solution based on Open Data processing services (ODPS). DPC provides a full link of easy-to-use data processing tools, including ODPs IDE, task scheduling, data analysis, report production and metadata management, can greatly reduce the user's data warehousing and business intelligence implementation costs, accelerate implementation progress. The data team of the Tianhong Fund and the gold map are based on DPC to complete their large data processing needs.

1. Product Advantage

1, professional

(1) Ali years of DW, bi field experience precipitation

(2) Full-link solution data integration, management and business analysis

(3) Comprehensively improve the efficiency of large data implementation, reduce costs

2. Easy to use

(1) Shielding cloud complexity, easy to complete cloud data synchronization

(2) Flexible writing data processing code, minimalist task management

(3) Drag-and-drop for data analysis and report making

3. Large data processing capability

(1) Perfect fusion with ODPs, release its processing ability

(2) Support the operation and management of a single enterprise level 100,000 task

(3) Analysis tool supports the real time OLAP analysis of billion-level data

2. Product function

DPC provides full link data tool solutions for all, and everyone can find data value

1. Data integration

Support local data upload and RDS data synchronization to ODPs, continuously increase the synchronization between more data sources, and realize the seamless flow of cloud data

2. Data processing

Provide ODPS IDE tools, SQL code management and task scheduling functions, is an ETL research tool, but also the analyst's basic data processing tools

3. Data analysis

Analysis of large data by dragging and visualization, reducing the threshold of data analysis to the extreme, everyone is an analyst

4. Data display

Through building blocks to make data reports and data product pages, data value easily share.

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