All-in-one total ASP. NET MVC Tutorial Summary

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All-in-one total ASP. NET MVC Tutorial Summary

The MVC architecture has been popular, and Microsoft has launched the ASP. The small series deliberately organized the blog park and even the entire network of the most valuable MVC technology original articles, for those who want to learn ASP. NET MVC technology to provide a learning portal integration. This article from the why,what,how three aspects of the MVC learning resources, so that learners first find the most valuable articles, get the most thorough knowledge of ASP. NET MVC framework, let's go!

1. Why: ASP. NET MVC

This chapter summarizes why the need to learn ASP. NET MVC instead of WebForms, what is the demand for ASP. Only better understand why MVC is needed, what is the MVC framework for what purpose, and what the MVC framework uses to compensate for or promote, To use it to develop the most efficient and satisfying web system.

Why does the MVC framework appear under ASP?

Description: This digest is from Infoq, the author Jonathan Allen published an article in 2007, first described the advantages and disadvantages of WebForms, which leads to the integration of MVC framework WebForm advantages, to compensate for its shortcomings.

Asp. NET developers need to learn ASP.

Description: This digest is from Infoq, the author Jon Arild Tørresdal published in 2009, from "Do not recommend learning" to "all ASP. NET developers should learn", a variety of different views emerge. This article lists the reasons for using the MVC framework.

WebForm and MVC, why is MVC better?

Description: This article mainly discusses why Microsoft is so keen to discard the traditional WebForm and turn to ASP. NET MVC, from six aspects to enumerate why MVC is better.

On the difference between ASP. NET MVC and WebForm

Description: This article mainly distinguishes ASP. NET MVC and WebForm, by contrast can solve the confusion.

2. Introduction to the What:ASP.NET MVC framework

Before learning ASP. This article focuses on the basics of ASP. NET MVC to help you understand the contours of ASP.

The ASP. NET MVC Overview is the official documentation for MSDN's ASP. NET MVC, so it's the first thing to learn about the MVC framework, and there's no more authoritative explanatory article than the official website .

The following series of articles, which explain the three parts of the MVC framework, help beginners to understand the MVC framework

ASP. NET MVC Controller

ASP. NET MVC route

ASP. NET MVC View (Overview)-Part.1

ASP. NET MVC (Create a Task List application)-Part.1

ASP. NET MVC (understanding models, views, and controllers)-part.2

Using the view model to isolate the domain model in ASP.

Exploring the ASP. NET MVC framework pass-through loading process

3.How: How to use the ASP. NET MVC framework for development, ASP. NET MVC Starter Tutorial and instance development

Seven-day Learning ASP 5 Series tutorial, this series of introductory tutorials from shallow to deep, describes the use of MVC5, involving a number of security features (authorization authentication, role management, exception handling).

Seven days Learn ASP (vi)--Threading issues, exception handling, custom URLs

Seven days learn ASP. NET MVC (v)--layout page usage and user role management

Seven days Learn ASP (four)--User authorization authentication problem

Seven days Learn ASP (c) MVC data Processing

Seven days Learn ASP (ii) MVC data Transfer

Seven-day Learning ASP (one)--in-depth understanding of ASP.

The ASP 5 Series, a series of tutorials, starts with a Web site sample that eventually completes a small system that manages the movie, and is ideal for beginners, ASP. NET MVC 5 (Add, delete, query, update) and start development work.

ASP. NET MVC 5 Getting Started Guide summary

ASP. NET MVC 5– 1 minutes using WIJMO MVC 5 template to create an app

ASP. 5-Query details and Delete methods

ASP. 5-Add a validator to the data model

ASP. 5-Add new fields to movie tables and models

ASP. 5-Validate editing method and edit view

ASP. 5-access the data model from the controller

ASP. 5-Create a connection string (Connection string) and use SQL Server LocalDB

ASP. NET MVC 5-Add a model

ASP. 5-pass data from the controller to the view


ASP. NET MVC 5-Controller

ASP. NET MVC 5-Start MVC5 Tour

asp: Get started with Microsoft's Visual Studio Express 2012 or Visual Web Developer Express Service Pack MVC4 to create an ASP. NET MVC4 W The basic knowledge required for EB applications.

ASP. MVC4 Getting Started Guide (9): query details and delete records

ASP. MVC4 Getting Started Guide (8): Adding a validator to a data model

ASP. MVC4 Getting Started Guide (7): Add new fields to movie tables and models

ASP. MVC4 Getting Started Guide (6): Validating editing methods and editing views

ASP. MVC4 Getting Started Guide (5): Accessing the data model from the controller

ASP. MVC4 Getting Started Guide (4): Adding a model

ASP. MVC4 Getting Started Guide (3): Adding a View

ASP. MVC4 Getting Started Guide (2): Adding a Controller

ASP. MVC4 Getting Started Guide (1): Introduction

The net MVC Calf Road Series is a classic MVC framework learning article in the blog Park, with a total of 18+3 speaking, after 3 lectures on some of the most advanced knowledge points and the latest technology in MVC, and the current blog is still in the update.

[ASP.]01-Understanding MVC pattern

[ASP.]02-c# Knowledge Point Summary

[ASP. NET MVC path]03-razor syntax

[ASP.]04-Dependency Injection (DI) and Ninject

[ASP.]05-Use Ninject

[ASP.]06-Using the Entity Framework

[ASP.]07-url Routing

[ASP.]08-area using the path

[ASP.]09-controller and Action (1)

[ASP.]10-controller and Action (2)

[ASP. NET MVC Calf Road]11-filter

[ASP. NET MVC path]12-section, Partial View, and child Action

[ASP.]13-helper Method for the calf road

[ASP. The path]14-unobtrusive Ajax

[ASP.]15-model Binding

[ASP.]16-model Validation

[ASP.]17-Bundle (bundle)

[ASP.] The path]18-web API

[ASP.]01-The beginning of the path of Daniel

[ASP.]02-c# Advanced Knowledge Point Overview (1)-Delegates and events

[ASP.]03-c# Advanced Knowledge Point Overview (2)-Threading and concurrency

No Nonsense MVC Primer Tutorial: An Introduction to MVC tutorial, written very basic, easy to understand, enough to get started.

No nonsense MVC Introductory Tutorial One [overview, Environment installation, create project]

No crap mvc Getting Started tutorial two [first small demo]

No crap mvc Getting started tutorial three [getting Started with routing settings and views]

No nonsense MVC Introductory Tutorial four [layout in view using]

No nonsense MVC tutorial five [Control and view interaction]

No crap mvc Getting Started Tutorial VI [validation rules in model]

Non-nonsense MVC Introductory Tutorial VII [using AOP in control]

Nonsense MVC Introductory Tutorial VIII [use of mvcpager pagination control]

No crap MVC Getting started tutorial nine [actual combat one: User registration and landing]

No nonsense MVC Introductory Tutorial Ten [actual Combat II: User Management]

Post one: MVC paging

Second Pass: MVC cache

An introductory series of ASP. NET MVC tutorials, a series of introductory articles on the ASP. NET MVC Beta

Introduction to ASP. NET MVC 1

Introduction to ASP. 2, the directory structure of the project and the core DLL

Introduction to ASP. NET MVC 3, Routing

Introduction to ASP. 4, Controller and action

Introduction to ASP. 5, View and ViewData

Introduction to ASP. NET MVC 6, TempData

Introduction to ASP. 7, Hellper and data submission and binding

Introduction to ASP. 8, Modelstate and data validation

Introduction to ASP. 9, Action Filter and built-in filter implementation (introduction)

Introduction to ASP. 10, Action filter with built-in filter implementation (instance-anti-theft chain)

Getting Started with ASP 11, using Ajax

Using the ASP. NET MVC Development tutorial, the original content is from Microsoft's Musicstore. This series of articles from the music store system for example, starting from the basic knowledge, gradually introduced, therefore, beginners have a very good learning experience. The sample program is completed using ASP. MVC3, the View section uses the Razor engine, and database access uses EF Codefirst.

ASP. NET MVC Music Store-0 overview

ASP. NET MVC Music Store-1 Create Project

ASP. NET MVC Music Store-2. Controller

ASP. NET MVC Music Store-3. Views and Models

ASP. NET MVC Music Store-4. Data access

ASP. NET MVC Music Store-5. Create an edit form from a bracket

ASP. NET MVC Music Store-5 Create an edit form from the cradle continue

ASP. NET MVC Music Store-6. Model validation using DataAnnotations

ASP. NET MVC Music Store-7. Member Management and authorization

ASP. NET MVC Music Store-8. Shopping cart updated with Ajax

ASP. NET MVC Music Store-9. Registration and Checkout

ASP. NET MVC Music Store-10. Complete the navigation and site design

This series of blogs is early and is an ASP. 1.0 learning, if you need to know some basic, original knowledge, can be obtained from this series of blogs

Learn from scratch ASP 1.0 (v) viewengine in-depth analysis and application examples

Zero-based learning of ASP. 1.0 (Iv.) View/model Full Solution

Learn from scratch ASP 1.0 (c) controller/action in-depth analysis and application examples

Learn the routing component of ASP. NET MVC 1.0 (ii) identifying URLs from scratch

Learn from scratch ASP 1.0 (i) The beginning of the epoch

4. Using ASP. NET MVC to solve advanced issues

This series of articles explains how to break cache in an ASP. NET MVC, which is important because it caches the content of the page, which is more efficient than the lower-level cache and is much more applicable to full-page content caches such as static pages.

Image-breaking caching for ASP. (top): Getting Started

Visual-image-broken caching for ASP. NET MVC (Medium): A more practical API

Visual-image-broken Caching for ASP. (bottom): page output principle

Because the early MVC framework lacked the asynchronous action feature, the blogger wrote the extension himself: complete, convenient, and very lightweight-the core logic code is only about 200 rows, ensuring a stable, efficient and backward-compatible extension.

Extending the asynchronous action function for ASP.

Extending the asynchronous action function for ASP. NET MVC (bottom)

Other advanced Features

Trade-offs when using model binder to bind action parameter fields

Use IIS-level URLs in ASP. Rewrite

English Learning Resources



ASP. NET MVC related open source project recommendation

5. Recommended Learning ASP. NET MVC Books

Apress "Pro ASP. NET MVC 4", the Chinese translation is called "proficient in ASP. MVC4", 1-5 is the basic knowledge of ASP, the 6th Chapter introduces unit test and MOQ, 7-11 a specific exercise, 12-26 advanced knowledge.

ASP. NET MVC 4 Web programming. NET developer to learn the necessary holy scriptures of MVC!

"ASP 4 Framework (Microsoft 6 MVP, Senior software consultant Jing Jinnan new)"

ASP. NET MVC 3 Advanced Programming(written within Microsoft to create the latest framework for a data-driven Dynamic Web program)

Written by a Microsoft internal team, this book provides an in-depth look at how to leverage the new features of ASP. NET MCV 3 and its exciting features. This book begins with a brief introduction to the ASP. NET MVC framework, and then steps you through how to install and create an ASP.

"ASP. NET MVC Combat"

MVC has existed for many years as a popular application development framework. Now Microsoft is also part of the community, and the ASP. NET MVC Framework provides application developers with a new tool to exploit mature development patterns and develop easy-to-understand, easy-to-test and maintainable applications.

"ASP. NET MVC 2 Development Combat"

Mainly divided into 3 articles. The basic concepts article describes the technologies and concepts that developers need to know before learning ASP. NET MVC, and the basics of the MVC architecture.

ASP. NET MVC 1.0 Advanced Programming

This book is made by ASP. NET team members, Scott Guthrie first provides a complete demonstration of how to build the application, then delves into the basic concepts and history of MVC and quickly transitions to the discussion of ASP. NET MVC pattern to implement these concepts.

All-in-one total ASP. NET MVC Tutorial Summary

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