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I still remember a lot of learning Android Development They just came out to look for a job as soon as they graduated, and some even came out to find an internship before they even graduated. They brought the hard-earned money from their families to join us and came here with their dreams, when we first arrived in Beijing, we were attracted by this big city. We wanted to create a world of our own, so we started our job search journey...
I remember that at the beginning, many people thought it was very simple to look for a job, especially for Android development. There was a huge demand. Indeed, there was a huge demand for development, however, the requirements are quite high. Most of them require 1-2 years of experience. So what can we do with this competition? After some fruitless experiences, many people seem to be pouring cold water every time. After the blow, many people gave up the development path and started to make their own way out, there are also some persistence. In the end, they also find Android internship-related jobs, but the salary is very low, and some are even more than 1000. Here, i'm sure everyone can't believe it. Is there more than 1000 developers? Yes, this is the reality. Some even cannot afford to pay the rent, but what if they fight for their dreams,
They found a place with low rents. What a cheap place means is equivalent to a suburb of a second-tier city. Everyone can imagine the environment there, in this way, they started their daily work and life from nine to five. Is it painful for them to pay for it? The answer is no, because they have found their own value, which is hard at the beginning. The important thing is whether you can stick to it in such an environment. In this way, what I paid is not what the average person can afford. I remember a friend around me who had less than three hours to go to work. What is this concept, they can all go back from their hometown, but they just smiled.
Next, they started to save money for their livelihood and ran a long way to work every day. When they came back, they were exhausted and almost never asked for money because they knew, it's time for them to pay off. They can't simply ask for money at home or even spend the weekend. Who can afford it because they are new users who need to work overtime for six or seven days a week, but they stick to that sentence. There are also a lot of people who cannot find the right job to go back to the government in the middle of the journey. This is also disappointing to them. After all, it is really hard to find a person in Beijing.
After talking about this, you dare to say that android development has earned a lot. Is it easy for these people to start from the ground up and climb up step by step, no one is easy. The key is your confidence, your persistence, hard work, and hard work, to those Android Developers who live at the bottom, do not influence yourself because of others. It is your persistence that can make your glory.

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