All-in-all video converter How to clip video (intercept + cut)?

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Step 1: First, users need to download the installation of the complete Fox Nest Video Converter, open the run, click the "Add Video" icon button, in the pop-up window, import the video files need to be edited, and click the "Video editing" feature options.

Step 2: Then the user will be able to intercept the video after entering the video editing page! There are two kinds of interception methods: the first is to directly enter the exact starting time value interception, the second is to drag the left and right interval button interception.

Step 3: The next user can cut out the extra screen, or enlarge the video screen. There are two solutions: the first is to drag a dashed frame of the video screen to cut, and the second is to output an exact long width value intercept.

Step 4: After the end of the clip after the user please return to the main interface, in the "preset scheme" set the output format of the video file, and then click on the lower right of the "Conversion" icon button, as shown in the following figure.

Step 5: The last user in the pop-up window, select the output path to confirm the good file, and click on the "Convert Now" button, the system will be able to successfully clip the good Video guide out.

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