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Search, is every netizen surfing the internet every day may be essential to the operation of one of the browser as an Internet portal, to provide more efficient, more comprehensive search services are also responsible for the nature. Brand new 3 browser want to users want to provide a variety of convenient search services, and integrate the mainstream search engine, user-friendly access to more comprehensive search results. The so-called "All roads lead to Rome", regardless of the user is what kind of use habits, in what kind of browsing situation, AO 3 can provide the right search support, do not want to try?

The search bar can be described as the most "Orthodox" search portal in the browser, in the 3, the search bar has also been taking an important role. Start the search, switch to the default search engine, can be implemented in the search bar.

Address bar

AO 3 's Address bar can also be used as a search, in the address input not domain name characters will be recognized as the keyword, will automatically use a predefined search engine to search.

The Address bar search is more convenient and quick in some ways than the search bar. AO 3 in the Custom View feature has the option to hide the search bar, accustomed to use the Address bar search users can be based on their own hobby to remove the search bar, so that the interface more concise.

Select a word Search

In any page to see a word, a paragraph, want to search for more information related to this, just select with the mouse, and then click on the right button to start the search, you can easily the words of all the background to find out.

In addition to the right key, AO 3 also supports the super drag-and-drop function, after the word selection, you can drag and drop the way to search the page.

Multiple Search

Search market competition is fierce, in addition to Google, Baidu, the search giant, other kinds of search engines have their own stunts. Users who want to switch back and forth between multiple search engines will look like they're in trouble. Multi-search is to focus on all the search engines in one page, so that users do not have to open multiple sites can use all the search function.

Multiple search is a unique feature of the tour, built-in all the mainstream search engines, as well as a variety of classified search engines, such as video search, translation search. Multi-Search also supports users to choose their own search engine.

Custom Search Engine

In addition to providing the mainstream search, proud tour also allows users to add their favorite search engine, even if your taste different like the small public search can be very easy to use, the user's autonomy and the use of the habit thus obtained the maximum guarantee.

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