Allow custom file downloads to support breakpoint continuation (HTTP

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ado|stream| Download the custom file download is basically used in the following places

1. Browser-known types, such as Avi,doc, if the associated program is installed locally, it will automatically open on the browser
2. Rights management, sometimes not all people are allowed to download, so need to be in the download time to judge
3. Often need to put special files to the virtual directory inaccessible places, as well as ASP and ASA and other files download

We often use the, but at this time there is a flaw, that is, does not support the extension of the breakpoint.
Often see FlashGet is the red face (that is, do not support the continuation of the breakpoint) in fact, supporting the continuation of the breakpoint is also very simple. As follows:
Use the read Http_range, then position the, and then output
(Original code originally also has the Content-length setting, theoretically should have, but can omit in practice)

function dl (f,n)
On Error Resume Next
Set s=createobject ("")
S.loadfromfile (f)
If Err.number>0 Then
response.status= "404"
Response.contenttype= "Application/octet-stream"
Response.AddHeader "Content-disposition:", "attachment; Filename= "& N
Range=mid (Request.ServerVariables ("Http_range"), 7)
If range= "" Then
Response.BinaryWrite (
S.POSITION=CLNG (Split (Range, "-") (0))
Response.BinaryWrite (
End If
End If
End Function

Call DL (Server.MapPath ("C.avi"), "C.avi")

At this time you will see the red face changed to smile, generally used in large file download

Local FlashGet test passes, and FC compares downloaded files and original files
FC: No differences found

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