Allow DOS to enter the command can also be like Linux with the TAB key to automatically fill the command

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This article mainly introduced when there are two directories are called ABCDEFG and bcdefgh, want to enter the ABCDEFG CD A * on the go, want to enter BCDEFGH when CD b* on the into, it is really more convenient

Allow DOS to enter the command can also be like Liunix with the TAB key to automatically select a directory or File method


Modify the Registration Form


Run regedit
Expand Hkey_local_machinesoftwaremicrosoftcommand Processor
You can see the CompletionChar item on the right, which is the REG_DWORD type. Double-click or enter to open the property Settings window, the default is 16-in-40, change the value of this item to 16 9, and determine exit. Can be in the new Open DOS window to enter into effect, in use, the TAB key to let the DOS from the Dynamic help you complete the fill, more convenient. If you don't lose anything in a DOS window, you'll always be typing the TAB key, and you'll be able to display your files and directories in one by one, like the dir list.

Originally I was in the operation, sometimes with the * code long string, for example, to enter a directory, first dir, show the right mouse button to copy and paste is one, the other is to use the * number.

For example, there are two directories named ABCDEFG and BCDEFGH, want to enter the ABCDEFG CD A * on the go, want to enter BCDEFGH when CD b* into the. Now we've found another way, yes.

Registry files can also be downloaded directly I have exported, double-click to run the merge can only contain this change, can be trusted to use.

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