Alone Nujiang (4)

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~ October 1 ~

The real hiking will start from today. Yesterday, we ran around like a mountain or crossing, not a hiking. Today, I want to carry all the costumes on my back. I started from chongding village and walked along the dirt road next to the Nujiang River to the bucket of autumn. The entire process is about 15 kilometers and is expected to take 4 hours. As far as hiking is concerned, the road is in good condition, and it is a flat road. There is no long distance downhill, so it is enough for leisure. I think that the walking in Qiandongnan always goes up the hill. It's a nightmare to walk all day ......

In the morning, it rained again. If there is no sun, I don't have to be exposed. I went to Miss Liu and wanted her to cook me a bowl of noodles as I did yesterday. However, she was sorry to say that she had eaten the noodles. No, do I have to use the slate today to fill my hunger? Fortunately, she then said something that gave me a hundred folds of my mind-fried rice. Of course, the food was left last night, but it was harmless. I don't care if my family is so delicious. It is estimated that many people are unacceptable to eat a bowl of rice in the morning. What can I do? The key is that rice can provide enough energy for hiking. Besides, fried rice with eggs is also delicious.

After breakfast, I paid for the house for two days, picked up my bag last night, and strode away from Liu's house. The time is exactly 8 o'clock. Can I use less than 4 hours to reach the bucket in autumn? Every time I embark on a new journey, I always set reasonable or unreasonable goals for myself. It is also a pleasure to find ways to surpass others' routes, speed, and endurance.

(I walked out of chongding village for a while and looked back and found that Nujiang, chenwu, and Riverside wooden houses were really out of stock)

It is said that the road from chongding village to Qiushan bucket is the most worth hiking, because the section of the bingcha road in this range is the closest to the Nujiang River, as if the river can wet its trousers at any time. In addition, the stone gate is also located on this road, hiking can walk through, feel the pressure of a hundred meters vertical cliff. Yesterday, in Dongfeng village, we looked at the overall picture of Shimen. Today we are very close to each other.

After about 45 minutes, I came to the foot of shimenclose. There is no way to use my camera to fully write down its momentum, because it is too high. Here, the Nujiang statue was placed in a bid, and the water was in a hurry and the sound was loud.

(The cliff on one side of shimens. The road is under the cliff)

It's just four seasons bucket village. In the local Tibetan and angry languages, "Bucket" means the village, and "Luo" means the township. Our Chinese did this by adding the word "Village" to all buckets, and adding the word "Hometown" to all rook buckets, for example, the village of shanak bucket, the Four Seasons bucket village, the township of Bingzhongluo, and the township of dimoro ...... If you are familiar with it, you will not feel that painting is a perfect addition. Under a cement Bridge in the village, I saw my favorite Creek. The streams in the belt of Bingzhongluo are really countless, and the streams are so crystal clear, it always makes me stay.

(Xiaoxi, see xiaoxi again)

Take dozens of steps and take one or two photos. This hiking method is not exhausting. It is just a long journey that I hope to come here. Each step is a landscape with a unique shooting angle everywhere. A walking paradise.

Two and a half hours later, a village on the opposite side of the river appeared on the hillside. This is Wuli village. A special feature of Wuli village is that if you want to enter the village, you must pass through a narrow plank road. This treasure road was built in the Age of tea and horse, and people have been relying on it for many years. Because the village is facing the river to the west, the mountains to the east, and the steep walls on both sides, there is no way to build another new road. Therefore, this plank road is still the only way to enter the village. I am sorry that I have not been able to step onto the treasure Road.

Then we arrived at chaohongqiao, where the bridgehead clearly saw the slogans during the Cultural Revolution. The bridge has been abandoned and is no longer accessible. There is a brand new steel suspension bridge next to it. After crossing the bridge, the Nujiang River moved to the left side of the forward direction.

(Abandoned chaohong Bridge)

The scenery is as beautiful as ever. I even felt I had an aesthetic fatigue and did not know how to raise my camera. Fortunately, after about three hours in total, I have already arrived at the sendara bridge. The bridge is a pivot point. If you turn left, you will continue to walk along the road to the bucket of autumn. If you turn right, you will go up the hill and follow the path to the bucket of autumn. Without a doubt, I once again chose a path, and I want to experience another kind of scenery. In the past, I still had a lingering worry about the path of gongdangshenshan. I didn't expect that I was very interested in seeing the path now. In this way, after every hard work, I always indulge in the good memories of the hard work, and once again set foot on the hard work Road. My grandmother said that I am a hard man. I am not wrong, haha!

It is not easy to carry a big bag on a mountain road. My trekking pole has played a huge role in this journey. Not only do I have to rely on it to extend my arm and even stop and rest, but also use it to support the whole body. The 30 RMB license is used to make the best use of the product ~

In fact, this mountain road is a little smoother than the mountain road in gongdang, but some sections are steep. As cattle dung and goat dung are seen along the way, it indicates this is a shortcut for grazing. At some forks, I decided on which side to go based on whether there were fresh livestock and feces. Oh, it's just a guide ~ On the way, I encountered a large landslide. I don't know when the rainstorm washed down many hillstones from the top of the mountain, blocking the original mountain road and forming a gravel slope of about 300 square meters. However, the villagers did not change the grazing route because of the stacked stones on the road. There was a clear footprint on the gravel. So I followed these footprints and carefully passed the landslide surface.

After crawling for about half an hour, I finally reached the entrance between two hills. Suddenly, I looked at the foot of the other side and saw a village in the shape of a crescent moon. The fatigue accumulated just now suddenly disappeared in front of the visible destination, and I rushed down the hill. Walking along, suddenly found a large small pink flowers on the side of the road, full of the entire hillside. Later I learned that this is the flower of the plant that is made of slate. It has a Tibetan name, but I cannot remember the pronunciation.

(The seeds used for Slate growth come from the flowering plants)

After a wooden head bridge that is not much wider than myself, I went to the bucket of autumn. I asked a household where Yu Xinmin's house was. A child told me that it was just the top of the canal next to the house. Yu Xinmin is another famous character in the backpack industry. His family is the only place to receive tourists in the autumn bucket. According to data, Yu Xinmin still has many identities: Ding Damai's younger brother, former Qiu nabucket village chief, Qiu nabucket excellent D personnel, forest protection administrator ...... Unlike aunt Ding, I have never seen negative comments on the Internet, so I decided to spend the night at his house early in the morning. I found his house without much effort. The four wooden houses are surrounded by a yard, and the courtyard is very lively-chicken, duck, dog, cat, and Ox are occupied by each of them. From time to time, some big black pigs in the pigsty make a sound of food.

(From the back yard of Yu Xinmin's house)

At home, there is only a 16-year-old girl around 7 who is busy cutting cucumber to feed duck and corn pole to feed cattle. When she saw me, she smiled and said hello, and asked me to unload my backpack. Sorry, she asked me to wait and say that she had to feed all poultry and livestock before she could greet me. It doesn't matter. I am such a idle person that hinders her from holding housework. I should be sorry ~

(A calf was stuck at the door and seemed to intentionally prevent me from entering the house. That's right. Use it as a model ~)

When the girl was a little idle, I asked her where Uncle Yu went. She said that Yu is still working at the forest detection site and will not be back until noon. I asked her if she was Uncle Yu's daughter. She smiled and said that she was his daughter-in-law, Alan. Oh, this is the case. If you are not officially married, you will go to the male's house to host the housework. It seems that the women here are still quite elegant. Haha!

When I saw several large packages stacked in the room, I asked Alan if he had already had many guests. She said no. the backpacks were temporarily put down by a few tourists who just arrived here. They couldn't help them. They would leave after lunch, and there was only one guest at home. Well, I am still running in front of a sea of people and can enjoy the evening of autumn. In fact, many people will not choose to spend the night in the bucket of autumn, because the scenery has seen it on the way to the bucket of autumn. when they enter the village, they just take a break and get up and return. After all, the village is a village with no fascinating scenery and no comfortable accommodation. This is why they are reluctant to stay.

I moved out of a stool and sat down in the yard. I rubbed my legs and relaxed my bones. In a short time, I saw a thick man walking into the yard. It turned out that Uncle Yu was back. He greeted me very kindly when he saw this guest. He looks very consistent with my psychological expectations-dark skin, windy face, steady eyes. He put down his Tibetan cloth bag and did not rest, so he helped Alan directly.

At lunch, the tourists came back, and a girl raised a basket of pears, saying they picked them from the Wild Pear Tree in the village. I have tasted two, but they are very sweet! It may be that the soil and water here are of high quality. Lishu can suck enough nutrients. They also invited me to have lunch together. I think it's okay to have Alan start another stove. There are four types of dishes, such as chopped green onion scrambled eggs, fried pork ribs, boiled Shao dishes, and tomato cabbage soup. Because of the power outage, the room was dark, and this meal was in the dark.

After dinner, they left, and they had to hurry to dimoro. It is also a group of Snow Mountain. I watched them go and wish them a pleasant journey. I have only one guest left at home. Sitting in the yard for nearly an hour, the food is full, and the physical strength is completely restored. Think of the wooden head bridge when you enter the village. The bridge is also a mountain. Why don't we go to bubble feet? In the past few days, I have passed through the stream, and I have no chance to really access the stream. Now it's time for me to get close to the water.

(The mountains and wooden bridges that pass through when the bucket enters autumn)

(Villagers use self-made hollow trunk to bring water home. All the water for life comes from here)

(Soak your feet in the cold stream! I have a good reputation. The selected foot is located at the downstream of the water diversion area ~)

The temperature of xishui is very low. It is about 7 or 8 degrees. I just put my feet in the water for more than 10 seconds, and I feel chilly. Quickly quit to avoid freezing. It seems strange that the canyon climate has always been warm and humid. The annual average temperature is about 20 degrees. Why is the water temperature so low? Where is the snow mountains or high spring water?

I was just preparing to return to yujia, but unexpectedly saw Xu's uncle and the children of several neighbors rush to the stream. Ask him where to go. It turned out that it was time to let the ox go to the top of the mountain farm. Good opportunity! I have another program. I want to play it with them! I have never seen a farm on the top of the hill. It is even more new to play a bull on the top of the hill. It turns out that, in order for the farm to be able to be illuminated by more sunlight and more livestock activities, almost every household had to plow the farm on the top of the hill or on the hillside. In fact, it is not completely accurate to say that it is a farm, because it is planted with corn. In the summer and autumn, the corn sticks are first harvested, and the sticks are left to feed livestock in the winter. Now let the ox eat, just the corn Pole left in the ground.

(Go up the hill to release cattle. Uncle Yu on the left)

(I met a snake on my way to the farm. When Uncle Yu throws his knife, the snake is shot)

Soon I arrived at the top of the mountain farm, a place with invincible scenery. The surrounding area is surrounded by higher mountains, with pastures like the plain overlooking the mountains isolated from the rest of the world. The so-called standing high, looking far, from here to look at the autumn bucket, open sight, no cover, is a rare shooting location throughout the village. It seems that all the good things have happened to me. Haha!

(Mountain Top Farm)

(Full view of the qianna bucket)

After a stroll with niu Niu, I went down the hill. Return to the Home Inn, see a visitor looking around, inquire about the location of the Home Inn. I am the anti-customer master. Here I am talking about it. I also invite him into the house to drink water. After a simple chat, I learned that his surname is Jin. He came from Beijing and planned to live in a home town tonight. Oh! Now, I finally met a similar kind-A backpackers, a person, or an IT industry fellow! Mr. Jin said that he will go to Bilo snow-capped mountains tomorrow after spending one night in his bucket in autumn. He spoke in a very light tone, but he was very firm and unquestionable. A typical programmer's character is a little paranoid ~

I thought it was a little gold companion. I didn't expect another pair of men and women to come during dinner. Like XiaoJin, they are also preparing to go to the snow mountains. So I come to two conclusions: the tourist army may come in advance; the biluo snow mountains will be crowded, but this is none of my business. After learning about their itinerary, Uncle Yu warned them to be careful with the grasshoppers on the road and told them a very disappointing message-they were about to jump over the Bilo snow-capped mountains, now there is no snow at all, and we can only see the snow at the peak. Oh, I am so glad to hear about my plan! It seems that I am not planning to go to the snow-capped mountains. What is the meaning of turning over a snow-free interface? If I go, I will definitely pick a snowy winter.

For dinner, we had dinner with four guests. The dishes were quite full. I forgot to take the picture because I was so hungry. Uncle Yu's family had a good heart and only paid us 5 yuan for this meal.

After dinner, I caught Uncle Yu in the courtyard to chat. At the beginning, I asked him about the bucket of autumn. Later I began to talk about his forest protection work, and he got excited. He told me that he and another villager were responsible for guarding the vast original forests from the bucket of autumn to the area of navalone, and often had to fight against hunters and saveders. I asked him, does the forest police provide you with a gun? He shook his head and said no. They only have management rights and no law enforcement power. If they are against advice, they can only support forest police. God, in this case, their lives are not guaranteed. He also said that if the country asks him to take care of this forest, he will take full responsibility to let future generations live in a beautiful ecological environment ......

What they do is of a semi-obligation nature and seldom pays because they are only non-staff of the local forestry bureau. From his words and high tones, I can feel a little touched by the sincerity of a grassroots D employee. From time to time, our country always promotes the deeds of Some grassroots D members. In fact, they are not necessarily followers of any beliefs, but their contributions to the country are not what the average person can imagine, I am very admired for this. Uncle Yu is such a fresh example.

It was completely dark, and we had nothing to talk about, so we went into the firepond and continued. John and the other men and women are also there. When I saw that they were so interested in the snow mountain, I began to talk about the situation in Tibet. He said that the scenery of Bilo is not very beautiful. What is truly amazing is the two snow-capped snow mountains that have been fully covered throughout the Tibetan border. In the past, he used to take a few friends from the bucket of autumn to go through the two snow mountains and go all the way to the checkpoint in Tibet. On the way, you can see many high mountains and summer pastures, as well as sporadic Tibetan grazing (I am a Tibetan, not a Tibetan ). In the evening, you can live in a Tibetan tent, drink with them, eat beef in bulk, sing and dance, and enjoy yourself. I asked him how long it would take for him to go down. He said he could take a bus to the foot of the snow-capped mountains, and then walk over the mountains. It would take four or five days for a journey. The best season for mountain turning is now February. It's time to see heavy snow. Snow Mountains have a temperature of more than 10 degrees during the day, and about 0 degrees at night. For clothing, you only need to wear a thick sweater (referring to his own )...

I heard it in a daze! This is a walking route I have never heard of. It is not very difficult, but the scenery is very attractive! Uncle Yu also said that he would like to take us back to the bucket of autumn next time and go to chayu... Ah, snow-capped mountains, Tibet ~~~ When can I see you?

During our chat, Alan killed a chicken. I saw her put the iron pot on the fire pond, threw it into a few pieces of butter, and then poured it into the chicken. After the chicken is cooked, add water and pour self-brewed rice wine. The chicken soup made in this way is called "shrimp" in Tibetan ". Uncle Yu said that drinking shrimp and wax is a traditional habit for Tibetans to welcome friends from afar. Alan gave us and Uncle Yu each a full bowl. I heard about it, and the wine was mellow. It is estimated that the degree is not low. In any case, this must be a drink. Uncle Yu regards us as friends. How can I give up his kindness? So codoon drank two bowls and ate the chicken. Happy!


Uncle Yu also drank a few bowls, so he was a little excited. He read me four verses and explained them one by one:
% ^! $ @ (* -- Suffering of the Tibetan people
& ^ $ )~ # "-- Tibet has been liberated peacefully
> ?; # -- The cultural revolution swept across Tibet
& + '! $]? -- Family members of all ethnic groups are getting closer and closer to the outside world
He said that this scripture is an ancient prophecy of Tibetan Buddhism and has all become a reality. "As you are now here to help us (tourism revenue), we will also help you (accommodation, Guide), and everyone will get better and better !" I smiled and gave a sincere monologue. This is a simple and honest Tibetan saying.

I went to bed at over 10 o'clock. The rooms in the home are not as good as those in the Liu ji'an house. There are three beds in the small room. There are also a lot of bugs on the walls and ceilings. Alas, that's not enough. The first two nights at Liu's house were full of bags, and it doesn't matter if you have more than one tonight. Put some white oil to boil it over, it is also an alternative experience.

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