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For the increasingly popular broadband services, the online applications of Internet cafes are complex and diverse. Such as Web browsing, E-MAIL, online games, video chats, online movies, and music. It is challenging for the high speed and stability of network devices. The investment in Internet cafe network construction by most private owners is also the most important and important. A high-quality internet cafe network and a superior cultural environment for Internet cafes will also be a tool to attract consumers. Therefore, how to build a basic platform that is easy to manage, ultra-stable, and cost-effective is a key aspect for Internet cafe owners to consider when they invest. The 10/100 M network is currently the mainstream of Internet cafes, but some savvy owners have already felt that the 10/100 M speed has become a bottleneck. They have moved the network into the Gigabit era in a timely manner, and thus a large number of Internet users are excited. In order to retain customers and attract more customers in the fierce competition in the industry, it is imperative to upgrade Internet cafes to 1 GB.


Common applications of Internet cafes include on-demand videos and games. They are supported through corresponding on-demand video-on-demand servers and game servers. When multiple users in the network use the video-on-demand service at the same time, they will have high bandwidth requirements. For LAN games, all their data is processed and forwarded within the LAN, the quality of data transmission within the LAN has a great impact on the smoothness of the game. The huge data traffic, the core switch of the Intranet performance is high, the function is strong, the Internet cafe owner can choose to use ALPHA full Gigabit large port number Multi-Layer Management Switch ST-3480. Ample board bandwidth, high-performance CPU, and large-capacity memory provide strong support for local high-speed data exchange in Internet cafes; port bandwidth control, IGMP Snooping v1/v2, IEEE 802.1p Priority, four Priority queues per port, and WRR (Weighted Round Robin) and SP (Strict Priority) A series of comprehensive QoS policies, such as sorting algorithms, ensure smooth operation of game and video-on-demand services. The traffic statistics function makes the network running status clear at a glance. In addition, to meet the monitoring requirements of public security authorities and relevant departments on data content, ALPHA Gigabit managed switches also provide port mirroring. A large number of computers connected to the network are prone to network storms, which will adversely affect the effects of services such as games and video-on-demand, the complete VLAN function of ST-3480 plays an important role in managing the network and reducing the probability of network storm.

ST-3480 Diagram

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