Also, let's see how Samsung's new Smart TV listens to your voice on your pillow.

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Also, let's see how Samsung's new Smart TV listens to your voice on your pillow.

The latest SmartTV of Samsung has a cool new sound control function. A network connection device can use it to record all the content you have mentioned and upload it to a third-party place for storage.

The company's speech recognition software allows users to communicate with their TVs through voice. Once a microphone symbol appears on the TV, it indicates that the function has been enabled. Simply put, users can simply use voice to express a few commands to change the TV, instead of using remote control as traditional ones. In fact, I personally think this is a very good technology. If technology has grown to the present, it cannot be said before it is popularized.

However, this technology is also worrying. The major reason is that it is hidden in the "Privacy Policy" of Samsung SmartTV. The Daily Beast media first found the following statement:

  • If the voice commands you send to Smart TV contain personal or other privacy information, the information will also be sent to a third party together with the information obtained during arrest.

Daily Beast weekly threw out an argument that if all conversations in the living room are recorded and disseminated, users' privacy will be compromised and trampled on. Family members and friends should be able to discuss anything.

"Never talk about tax avoidance and drugs at home," Daily Beast warned.

Sensitive information, such as device identifiers, is potentially transmitted to law enforcement agencies, advertisers, and other organizations. According to Samsung. "If the transfer process is not encrypted, a hacker may definitely turn your TV into an eavesdropping device," said Daily Beast.

It is important that you know that this happens only after the voice recognition function of Smart TV is enabled. However, this problem may become a flaw in the current technology.

Samsung's reply to the privacy concerns stated by Daily Beast weekly is as follows:

  • Samsung attaches great importance to customers' privacy. Among all our Smart TVs, we use industry-standard security protection and practices, including data protection, to ensure that customers' private data is not collected and used without authorization. As for the voice control technology, it allows users to control your TV by sending voice commands. This is a feature of Samsung Smart TV, which can be enabled and disabled by users themselves. Of course, users can even disconnect the TV from Wi-Fi.

Coincidentally, the same concern exists in the United States, but the main character is Siri. This service also transmits information to a third party. This was already pointed out in a blog post when siri first appeared in iPone4s.

In this blog post, Simon Fodden mentioned that Apple's XXX once told him that "the information obtained by the Siri voice recognition function will be sent to servers located in the United States, other companies and agents related to Apple have county-wide access to the recorded content.



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