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Access | data | Database A DSN connection requires the server's system administrator to set up a DSN with the ODBC tool in Control Panel on the server, or use a Third-party server component to have your ASP script create DSN by modifying the registry when needed.

A DSN connection usually requires parameters such as: DSN name, username, password, for example, we use the username "student", Password "magic", through the DSN "student" to establish a connection:

1. Set Conntemp=server.createobject ("Adodb.connection")
2. "dsn=student; Uid=student; Pwd=magic "
3. Set Rstemp=conntemp.execute ("SELECT * FROM authors")

What do we do if we don't have a DSN?

But we know the file name (for example, a Access,paradox,foxpro database) or a data source name (for example, SQL Server database). Here's a way we can access the database without DSN. Note that you must know the actual file path! For example: "C : \thatserver\account17\nwind.mdb ".

Fortunately, the method Server.MapPath can return the address on the server.

1. Set Conntemp=server.createobject ("Adodb.connection")

2. Cnpath= "dbq=" & Server.MapPath ("Yourtable.mdb")

3. Conntemp. Open "Driver={microsoft Access DRIVER (*.mdb)};" & Cnpath

4. Set Rstemp=conntemp.execute ("SELECT * FROM authors")



<body bgcolor= "#FFFFFF" ></HEAD>

Set Conntemp=server.createobject ("Adodb.connection")
' Do not use DSN to establish a connection

dsntemp= "Driver={microsoft Access DRIVER (*.mdb)}; "

Dsntemp=dsntemp & "dbq=" & Server.MapPath ("Nwind.mdb")

Conntemp. Open dsntemp

' Do not use DSN to establish a connection
Set Rstemp=conntemp.execute ("SELECT * from Customers where country= ' Germany '")


<table border=1>

<% ' put headings on the Table of Field Names

For i=0 to Howmanyfields%>
<td><b><%=rstemp (i). Name%></b></td>
<% Next%>
<% ' Now lets grab the records

Do as not rstemp.eof%>
<% for i = 0 to howmanyfields%>
&LT;TD valign=top><%=rstemp (i)%></td>
<% Next%>
<% Rstemp.movenext



Set rstemp=nothing


Set Conntemp=nothing%>



The following is a typical driver parameter value:
{Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)}
Driver=sql Server; server=
^ SQL Server's IP address

Do not access SQL and access through a data source
Using SQL Server 6.5:
Set Conn = Server.CreateObject ("ADODB. Connection ")
Conn.Open "Driver=sql Server; Server=server_name; Uid=your_uid; PWD=YOUR_PW; Database=your_database; "

Using Access:
Set Conn = Server.CreateObject ("ADODB. Connection ")
Conn.Open "Driver={microsoft Access DRIVER (*.mdb)}; Dbq=c:\www\db\guestbook.mdb "

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