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Just two days ago, it was a coincidence that fastreport was used again after year 45. I had to lament its strength. The customization capability was too strong, today, I will show you some of the things I have previously written on the monopoly Forum. If you still use this things, you can also use some alternative things to help.

Here is a simplified and traditional conversion solution for FR reports. You can only use one report in simplified and Traditional Chinese.

The report can be edited during running. This is not a usage. It is only the result of solving the problem and tracking the FR source code. It has benefited a lot from the development and tracking of the source code under Delphi.

Conversion of dataset columns is nothing new. You can search for SQL statements on the Internet. Here, you do not need to change the dataset. In FR, you can directly convert rows and columns to output data, in this way, you do not need to generate a dataset for the report in the single table layer.

Many tips here are actually because you don't want to use SQL to generate a new dataset for report display. The following statement-based staggered compound report is used.

The above was previously done. When I made a report two days ago, I encountered a new situation. The report group page number is displayed, which is actually very simple, I haven't used the FR report for a long time, so I think there is something to do. In fact, similar techniques are used to display the total in the group header.

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