Amazon and Google dominate cloud computing services

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Article title: Amazon and Google dominate cloud computing services. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source.

Recent research results show that and Google are the winners of cloud computing.

According to a research report released by Evans Data, in the minds of developers, Amazon and Google provide the best cloud services, this is an evaluation of their competitiveness and ability to achieve their vision.

Although IBM, VMware, and Microsoft are currently lagging behind, they also provide important cloud computing infrastructure components.

In the private cloud (private clouds) field, IBM has gained market advantages and has a bright future. In particular, most large enterprises may already be IBM customers, while customers with high security, reliability, and vendor credibility may also prefer IBM.

I have mentioned many times that large suppliers such as IBM and Sun must step up development of cloud solutions (IBM has done so recently ), in this way, enterprise CIOs can move their data out of the firewall with greater peace of mind.

Google has won the highest praise from developers in scalability, reliability, uptime, and best value.

Janel Garvin, founder of Evans Data and author of the report, said that developers believe that Google is more capable and executive, and the adoption model (adoption patterns) is also relatively strong. However, developers also believe that the Services provided by Google through AppEngine are not as functional as Amazon's Web Services.

In the cloud computing arena, Microsoft is still lagging behind. Although many developers are interested in Azure and other cloud services, Microsoft has not yet provided products ready for production.

Garvin said: AT&T and Microsoft have excellent potential in the cloud field: AT&T has ready-made physical infrastructure, while Microsoft has a huge developer network and well-known software capabilities. However, both of them are relatively late in the cloud computing field, and they are a major disadvantage in such a rapidly changing market.

Many enterprises have chosen cloud computing. it is certain that more vendors will compete in this market. Currently, Amazon and Google, the leader in the group, have designed an infinitely scalable cloud computing infrastructure. It remains to be observed whether other vendors will be able to catch up with their expertise and vision in the future.

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