Amazon launches cloud Search service and returns to search market after six years

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Beijing time April 13, according to foreign media reports, Amazon announced in the "Amazon Network Service" (AWS) series to add a service called "Cloud Search" (Cloudsearch), after six years after the return to the search market.

Amazon Cloudsearch Cloud Search service can integrate the search function in the website and the application, whether is the user-oriented website or the enterprise website, it uses the same search technology as This is a significant business progression because many ecommerce sites have very poor search capabilities and lost potential revenue.

In the 2004, Amazon once owned its own A9 search engine, initially relying on Google to provide search results. Amazon closed the A9 search in 2006, and the A9 project's technical director Udi Mamber (Udi Manber) joined Google. Amazon has returned to the search market after six years, when Amazon's search service has become a real commodity, one of the AWS services.

"Amazon Cloud Search will have a democratic effect because it is not available to many users before," said Werner Vogels, Amazon's chief technology officer, Venas Vogle. Amazon Cloud Search can be said to be a powerful search engine, it is at our familiar low price for each developer, support on-demand (pay-as-you-go) mode. It allows developers to improve their product functionality, achieve lower costs, and even eliminate the need for management. ”

Amazon Cloud Search offers businesses and individual developers another option to purchase search services, and Google now provides such services through open source search software such as Apache Lucene. Jeff Barr, Amazon's network services Jeffer Bell, says users can build their own searches in less than one hours, a service that is priced at $100 a month.

The search scale is different, the service price is also different. There are three kinds of scale, small, large, super large. The prices for these examples are 12 cents, 48 cents, and 68 cents per hour respectively. There are additional charges for uploading the data. Configuration changes requiring the indexing of data cost 98 cents per GB.

Image hosting and sharing website SmugMug supports image browsing via Amazon Cloud Search service, and other businesses that use this service include search technologies, Newsright,, car domain, and sage bionetworks.

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