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What is Chromecast? what function does Chromecast have?

Chromecast is the new connection device that Google released on July 25, 2013. The device runs a simplified version of the chrome operating system, which can be plugged into the TV HDMI interface. In the same WiFi environment, users can push a YouTube video broadcast on a cell phone or tablet to the TV via Chromecast. Chromecast is a small "receiver" device that plugs into the HDMI interface on the back of the TV and wirelessly transmits streaming media content from a computer or other device to the TV. Using the cast button, users can also "project" content viewed on the Chrome browser onto the TV. That is, Chromecast can transfer all the content on the network to the TV.

Google TV Stick Chromecast can be used in China?

Because Chromecast can project the content of the Chrome browser to the TV, so chrome can use the place can use Chromecast, obviously, domestic also can use, other applications need to add Google The use of cast function can only be used, currently only YouTube and Netflix added abroad, these are not for domestic use.

Google TV Stick Chromecast in the domestic how to use?

First, plug it into the TV HDMI connector.

Then, you need to install the Google Cast plugin in your computer's Chrome browser. After that, you need to find the video address you want to play, copy the address path to the Chrome browser, and then click on the Google Cast icon in the browser toolbar and click "Cast this tab to ..." (Projecting the tab page to the TV) option. This allows you to play your computer's local video on TV.

Of course, the Google Cast plug-in will not only be used to play local video, it can also project the open Web page in the Chrome browser to the TV, which means we can use the Chrome browser to watch the Youku TV series and the Reading start novel. The method is simple, open the Youku video page in the Chrome browser, and then click on the Google Cast icon in the top right corner of the browser to project the Youku video to the TV.

Google TV Stick Chromecast American Amazon Sea tour

1, search products. Amazon Search Chromecast found product page, the current product appears "out of the stock" of the Out-of-stock status, but still can be the following list, so join the shopping cart bar.

2, fill in the forwarding address. Like in Taobao shopping, choose a good product into the shopping cart, you can go to the order, the next single need to provide mailing address, which is self-evident, but let people wonder is the mailing address fill what? I'm not in America? Can you send it back to China directly? In order to solve the problem of mailing address, a new kind of industry--transshipment, Transshipment Company's role is to help you in a foreign land courier, and then by air sent back to China, complete customs clearance and delivery of work. Transshipment companies have their own warehouses in foreign countries, you only need to register the transfer company's account number, it will give you a warehouse of the United States, the warehouse address of each transit company is different, but generally distributed in the United States two states, one is a sales tax is required but is the main warehouse of California, The other is exempt from the sales tax exemption States, of course, there are duty-free state-issued transit companies, in this case the Thunder Courier Transit Company.

3, fill in the billing address. For the U.S. Amazon, the billing address according to the domestic real address of your credit card can be truthfully completed, but can not write in Chinese, with pinyin instead.

4, credit card payment. Generally speaking, Hai need a double currency international credit card, because foreigners in their own country shopping is generally used to brush credit cards, of course, some sites can also use PayPal and other payment tools, but PayPal is also required to bind credit cards, but not all sites support the domestic Office of international credit card? The answer is no, different sites have their own rules, some sites do not support domestic credit cards, such as the Coach factory on ebay, Beyondtherack Flash site, and so on, fortunately the United States Amazon to Chinese netizens are quite friendly, not only to support domestic credit cards, in order to help Chinese netizens sea Amoy cause, Also in this year, the support of UnionPay online payment, visible to the Chinese market attention.

5, confirm the order information, the next single success. In the final order before, there will be a summary of the Orders page, confirm the relevant information after the press place your order after the completion of the transaction. After that, you will receive Amazon's order mail, shipping mails and other related email reminders. At this point, the Amazon purchase process in the United States has been completed, and so after the Amazon shipments, but also to the transshipment company there under the forecast order (some transshipment companies do not need to forecast), after the transfer of the company into storage, according to the requirements of the relevant information, after handing over money to the transit company, transshipment company will be responsible for transport clearance and other work, you will be at home waiting for the goods.

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