An algorithm topic, two lines of code, Binary Tree

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June 8, 2015

One of my favorite algorithm topics, two lines of code.

Programming requires a strong logical thinking, ask a few why, can simplify. Think about it, two lines of code, five minutes can be done; 2015 online everyone hot Homebrew author Max Howell interview

Google hangs off a problem, binary tree inversion, seven lines of code, compared to two lines of code, excusable!

Problem:return The count of binary tree with only one child

Think about it, do you want to write a few lines, six or seven lines, or less than 10 lines?

Solution:two Lines Code:



* Great arguments:

1. Since first line is the discussion of "node==null", there are no need to check node!=null before the function Countonech Ildnode call.

2. How to express only one child?

Case 1:left child is not null; In other words, there are a left child:node.left!=null

Case 2:right child is not null; Node.right!=null)

Case 3:node has both child

(node.left!=null) && (node.right!=null)

Case 4:node have only one child (A:left-only, b:right-only, one true, one false; Left child existed! = Right Child existed; cannot be both false or both true)

(node.left!=null)! = (Node.right!=null)

Case 5:at least one child (one child or both child)

(node.left!=null) | | (Node.right!=null)

This problem is very good, through this problem, you can simplify the code; If there is a good programmer, have a strong logical thinking ability, think of only one child, can be expressed as a sentence: (node.left!=null)! = (Node.right!=null)


public static int Countonechildnode (node node)


if (Node==null) return 0;

Return ((node.left!=null)! = (node.right!=null) 1:0) +countonechildnode (node.left) +countonechildnode (node.right)) ;


Github for source code:


An algorithm topic, two lines of code, Binary Tree

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