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I remember when World of Warcraft first came out, playing World of Warcraft in the Internet cafe, The World of Warcraft in the internet cafe was definitely not genuine, but it could not be on BN. I searched the internet and found someone had built a server in the war network, what is the pvpgn server. You can access the Internet in an Internet cafe. However, Internet cafes are all over the lan. It seems that there is no port ing. After that, it is easy to drop the network. It would be nice to be able to play a game in an hour or two.

I tried it a few days ago and successfully built a server. The methods are as follows:

Http:// Docid = 548 & group_id = 2291. I use this book as a server (installed with UBUNTU), and then use a desktop to connect. Remember the key points:

1. software used: pvpgn-1.8.5.tar.gz,pvpgn-support-1.2.tar.gz, (wloader for starting Warcraft), bneteditor (for adding war network servers)

2. Install pvpgn-1.8.5.tar.gzunder ubuntu. install pvpgn-support-1.2.tar.gz, "Download pvpgn-support, decompress it, and open CONF/bnetd under the pvpgn directory. conf: Check filedir. The value is/usr/local/var/files. Then, decompress pvpgn-support and CP all the files to this directory ".

3. "Edit/usr/local/etc/bnetd. conf: Change loglevels to none, because I don't need it to leave any logs for me. Change allow_bad_version and allow_unknown_version to true. "-- no version is detected, in this way, all versions can be connected to the server.

4./usr/loca/sbin start bnetd and Su permissions. Interestingly, the program cannot be started if it is not connected to the Internet. However, after the network is connected, the network cable is unplugged and bnetd still exists in the process.

5. My World of Warcraft is 1.24. I can log on with w3loder. I use 1.13f for Starcraft. I don't need to set it. I can log on with a server in bneteditor.

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