An error message "Can't select MySQL database" appears in ecshop.

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Error message


ECSHOP info: Can't select MySQL database (ram). How Can I solve this problem?

The ecshop displays the "Can't select MySQL database" error prompt. How many lines of big prompts are displayed on the entire web page, and then there is a blank space, in fact, anyone who understands PHP knows this is a mysql database connection error, not only in ecshop systems, but also in other CMS or self-written PHP systems, now that we know the reason, let's check whether the ecshop configuration file is correct.

The root password set before the summer blog is "root" and later changed to "meimima". Find the ecshop configuration file data/config. php and find the following code:

// Database password $ db_pass = "root"; Change $ db_pass = "root" to $ db_pass = "meimima ";

OK, the problem is solved. This problem is usually caused by changing the mysql User name, password, or data table name, which leads to the failure to connect to the mysql database. re-configure the php file so that it can connect to the database normally.


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