An example of effective communication: will my son take the initiative to care about me?

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It was originally a story for a mother to educate her son. It was also a touching story, but it could be used as an effective communication case. My son is eager to go home and does not answer her mother's phone. Therefore, she often calls her son to talk about her mother's feelings. She wants to get angry when she does not answer her phone. After many communications, the son accepted his mother's opinion and returned home on time or told her where to go. The communication was successful. When a teacher finds a parent in a fight between a son and a person, the son expresses his grievance. The mother uses this case to educate his son, and has emotions to communicate with others, in addition, the problem can be solved through repeated communication, and the son finally understands the difficulties of his mother.

From the manager's point of view, it is far more effective to repeatedly communicate with subordinates to make them accept your demands.

From a personal point of view, if you constantly express your own demands, others will know your thoughts, may follow your ideas, or may not. What is important is that your emotions do not accumulate, resulting in a final outbreak and serious consequences; or long-term suppression may lead to a loss of fighting spirit.

Here I will discuss the importance of repeated communication from a personal perspective.

At work, you have your own demands but cannot meet them. This may be because you are afraid of expression, or you are afraid that others will not listen, or you will not be able to hear it, so you give up your expression. Just put it in your heart or feel aggrieved,

Or you may feel inferior. But if you don't talk about it, how do people know what you think. Not to mention, long-term emotional suppression will be reflected in work and actions, and will be passive and absent from work, refuse cooperation, and do not seek enterprising efforts. This kind of negative reaction deepens others' bad views on you, makes yourself in a more difficult situation, or is considered as a poor interpersonal relationship by colleagues, or is determined by leaders as having a wrong working attitude.

So I have something to say in my mind. Find the right target and express your appeal. If it is the problem of the other party, you can express your feelings or opinions on the other party. However, if you want to respect others, the other party may not be totally wrong. First, you must be sure that the other party helps you, in order to win the resonance of the other party,

The owner is more willing to show his or her true views on you. After full communication, you may find that the problem was originally a problem. It is not a problem at all. I cannot say that the two views are consistent, but the expressions are biased. After talking about it, you may feel much easier, and now it is easy to solve the problem.

However, self-reflection is also necessary. When you have emotions, you need to ask yourself more, why are you angry, angry, or other people's problems, or your own problems? Are you not doing enough in some places? If you find the problem lies in yourself, you will feel a lot better.


Does my son care about me?



The sky of wild lily

I was on duty at noon yesterday. On the way back to the office, I met a teacher and told me that my son had been crying badly at the door of my office at noon.

In the afternoon, the math teacher came to me for business. By the way, he talked about noon. It turned out that we had a fight with a classmate in the class for a meal. After school, I talked to my son, who cried, cried, and cried. I told him:
I feel tired and cannot accept his emotions. While listening to him, he gave me feedback. I told him: I understand his anger, but I felt that he expressed his anger in a way that gave it to others.
It is highly likely to cause damage. He said that he does not know what to do. I said: express your feelings and needs. He said, "Did I say yes ?" I asked, "Is it useless every time ?" He said: "No
Yes, it is sometimes useful ." I asked him, "Have you ever expressed it once? When no response is returned, will you choose not to express it ?" He said, "Yes ." I asked him, "is your mood still there ?" He said: ",
When I see him, I think of the past ." I shared with him: "Yes. A while ago, after school, I couldn't find you. You often don't pick up your cell phone. I feel like: I already told you,
Why can't you understand me. I will get angry with you. Later, I felt like I wanted to get angry with you because I really wanted you to do me a favor, but once I said it, I would not like to express it again. Later, I tried to express my feelings and needs to you again and again. I found that you will take the initiative to tell me where you are playing after school in the last few days, and you will remember to bring pHs to me.
. I feel very happy and relaxed. You asked me: What is the purpose of your expression, if someone ignores you? I don't know how many times you want to express it, but I know that if you don't express it
Others cannot know what you want, and your emotions can only accumulate more and more. In the end, it is the outbreak ."

I said to my son: My mother felt very tired, so she could not accept him, but I knew that he felt very uncomfortable. The conversation ended in a hurry.

Back home, my son quickly put down his schoolbag, picked up a cushion, put it at the end of the bed, put my quilt next to it, and found out the TV remote control and put it on the bedside table. "Mom, I have prepared for you.
You can watch TV on your bed. I will write my homework and practice piano on my own. You can have a rest ." I was shocked and felt my eyes were wet. I said to my son, "you have prepared so much for me. I am very touched. I feel, just
My mother was very guilty because she was not able to take care of you because of her own discomfort ." The son said, "Mom, I have been more comfortable talking to you for a while ." Before going to bed, his son takes a bath. He takes his slippers, bath towels, and
Change clothes.

When I saw my son doing this, I felt touched and thought: Is the child not sensible? Or is there a problem with the way we communicate with them?

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