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1. Error code 606 Your IP address has been blacklisted

Error code 606 Your IP address has been blacklisted

Are you sure you didn't do anything wrong? For Mao your IP in the blacklist?

Come on, get out of confess!

2. Error code 605 detects XSS cross-station attack

Dear Webmaster, Administrator, Black and broad Daniel:

If you see the error on this page, you are being intercepted because the page you just submitted may contain XSS attack code.

If you think that the network shield is blocked incorrectly, you can temporarily turn off the XSS interception feature and tell us what code you have submitted to facilitate our improvement.

Feedback Address: Submit Feedback

Continue to say how to temporarily turn off XSS blocking features.

Log on to the server, open the An Hui Network Shield and navigate to the "security defense" and then "XSS attack", close to the right.

3. Error code 607 server accepts post and get requests only

Error code 607 the server only accepts post and get requests

When you see this error prompt, it means that you have initiated a request other than post and get, and we think it is a threat, so we'll rot your request! Yes, it's rotten!

If the webmaster administrator you are hand (Shou) error (Jian) opened this function, you can shut down here (in fact, very good open):

4. Error code 604 detects cc attack

Error code 604 detects a CC attack

Dear Webmaster, Administrator, Black and broad Daniel:

If you see this page, you may have just refreshed too quickly, the network Shield thinks you are on the CC attack site, or you are a big black wide, that is, the CC attack. If the former, affect your users or your own use, you can in the An Hui Network shield appropriate to the CC attack protection level lower, if the latter is not.

The specific methods are as follows:

Into the CC settings, a total of three stalls, high school low, you can choose according to their own situation, the higher the interception of the more stringent. can also be customized, the number is too great for small, the default of 200 and 5 is in block interception.

5. Error code 602 detects an injection attack in your HTTP submission

Injection attack detected in your HTTP commit

Dear Webmaster Administrator Hacker Friend:

When you see this hint, the URL that you are submitting currently contains parameters that jeopardize the security of the Web site, so it is prohibited from accessing it.

If you think this is a false alarm, you can login to your server, open the An Hui Network Shield, find the last "IP Black and White List" tab, and then select the "URL White list", the bottom right there are add a URL button, the need to release the URL can be.

Of course, you can temporarily turn off SQL injection protection, the steps are: "Security Defense" functional section, the second function of the "SQL injection" inside, turn off the SQL injection protection.

6. Error code 601 the currently visited page is a protected page

Error code 601 The page currently accessed is the protection page

Dear Webmaster Administrator Hacker Friend:

When you see this prompt, the file you are currently accessing is a file that is protected by the An Hui Network shield sensitive information, which may result in the disclosure of important information on the Web site, and is therefore prohibited from being accessed.

Of course, if you feel that the protection is wrong, or do not want to protect the file or directory, you can log on to your server, open the An Hui Network Shield, find the "Security Defense" function section, the first Sensitive information tab has related settings.

The following figure: You can delete a file that you don't want to protect from the protection list (not delete the file itself), or you can turn off the sensitive Information protection feature, and manually add the files and directories you want to protect.

7. Error code 603 uploads files that are not allowed

Error code 603 uploads a file with an disallowed type

Dear Webmaster, admin, Hacker friend:

When you see this error message, indicate whether the file type you are uploading is not allowed, or is a malicious threat program. If you are sure that you have uploaded a secure file, you can add the file extension to the "Allow upload file type list" in the An Hui Network Shield, so that the An Hui Shield will not intercept it, but the server security threat that may be brought to you needs to be weighed down by yourself!

The steps are as follows:

Log on to your server, open the An Hui Network Shield, and find the "Security Defense" feature module, then the Third tab, "malicious upload," here will show us what files we intercepted, you can turn off this feature (not recommended), you can also use the lower left of the "Settings" button to add you think the security of the file type to the white list, In this way, the upload is unimpeded!

In the settings you can add the file type extension you need to upload, you can also remove the hook, you can also restore our default settings to you.

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