An improper service configuration in the main site of mynetwork

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An improper service configuration in the main site of mynetwork

An improper service configuration in the main site of mynetwork

When the squid ACL Configuration of myile network causes information leakage.

Lala @ lala :~ $ Squidclient-h 80 mgr: HTTP/1.0 200 OKServer: Cdn Cache Server V2.0Date: Mon, 08 Dec 2014 05:11:40 GMTContent-Type: text/plainExpires: Mon, 08 Dec 2014 05:11:40 GMTLast-Modified: Mon, 08 Dec 2014 05:11:40 gmt- Via: 1.0 sccdxx14: 4 (Cdn Cache Server V2.0) Connection: close mem Memory Utilizationpublic cbdata Callback Data Registry Contentspublic events Event Queuepublic squidaio_counts Async IO Function compute coss COSS Statspublic config Current Squid Configurationhidden plugin infopublic ipcache IP Cache Stats and using ipaccess IP Access Stats and using fqdncache FQDN Cache Stats and using idns Internal DNS Statisticspublic external_acl External ACL statspublic http_headers HTTP Header Statisticspublic menu This Cachemanager Menupubli C ## pay attention to this! # Shutdown Shut Down the Squid Processhidden into Toggle offline_mode into malloc_print malloc into memory This Cachemanager has been running too many zookeeper Cachemanager implements This Cachemanager has released This Cachemanager please This Cachemanager implements reconfigure Interface for dynamic reconfigurepublic host_list Interface for list host Authentication failed Forward Error Warning public traffic Traffic count by hostpublic limit Traffic count by host (cleared every 5 min) public traffic_bw Traffic count by host for bwctrlpublic process_info get the ports that are listened by precessespublic 404 Request count by hostpublic status Response status code count by hostpublic info General Runtime Informationpublic qos_stat Get QoS limit qos Get QoS using filedescriptors Process Filedescriptor Allocationpublic objects All Cache Objectspublic extends In-Memory and In-Transit Objectspublic extends Objects with Swapout files openpublic extends Objects being records from the networkpublic extends Objects being sent to your io Server- side network read () size Limit counters Traffic and Resource limit peer_select Peer Selection limit Cache Digest and ICP blobpublic 5 min 5 Minute Average of limit 60 min 60 Minute Average of limit utilization Cache Utilizationpublic histograms Full Histogram limit active_requests Client -side Active Requestspublic ssd_hot show top hot file of every cache dirpublic conns_table show host cons numpublic websocket informationpublic purge_dir Purge Dir Statspublic storedir Store Directory Statspublic lrulist lrulistpublic publish () statspublic store_io Store IO Interface Statspublic store_stat_by_domain Number of Files, store Size and The Oldest Lastref Time according to hostpublic when calling pconn Persistent Connection Utilization when refresh Refresh when calling delay Pool when forward Request Forwarding when server_list Peer Cache when carp CARP informationpublic when Cache Client Listpublic asndb AS Number Databasepublic
~$ squidclient -h -p 80 mgr:idnsHTTP/1.0 200 OKServer: Cdn Cache Server V2.0Date: Mon, 08 Dec 2014 05:14:22 GMTContent-Type: text/plainExpires: Mon, 08 Dec 2014 05:14:22 GMTLast-Modified: Mon, 08 Dec 2014 05:14:22 GMTX-Via: 1.0 cdxx63:6 (Cdn Cache Server V2.0)Connection: closeInternal DNS Statistics:The Queue:                       DELAY SINCE  ID   SIZE SENDS FIRST SEND LAST SEND------ ---- ----- ---------- ---------Nameservers:IP ADDRESS      #NHOST # QUERIES # REPLIES--------------- ------ --------- ---------115.x.x.90     3953      6925      6728121.x.x.73      3953       197       19761.x.x.200     3953        12        12111.x.x.88     3953        12        12218.x.x.86     3953        12        12202.x.x.166      7       378       37861.x.x.254       7         0         0202.x.x.55        7         0         0Rcode Matrix:RCODE ATTEMPT1 ATTEMPT2 ATTEMPT3    0     6979        0        0    1        0        0        0    2        0        0        0    3      312        0        0    4        0        0        0    5        0        0        0



cachemgr_passwd password_here all

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