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Before writing, we should have a good idea. To produce a good concept of creativity, you need to master the skills of creative learning. In his book "Beauty and Creation", Liu Zhonglin the creative techniques into "four families", namely four series:

  1. Lenovo series (Lenovo clan) techniques. This is a rich association-led creative approach, characterized by the creation of all conditions, open the imagination of the door, to promote the broader, the abandonment of stereotypes; interviewers conduction, divergent space infinite. Although from the level of skill is at the primary level, but it is to open the fortress of the first breakthrough, it is extremely important. "Brainstorming Method" is a typical representative of Lenovo series techniques.

 2. Analogy series (analogy clan) technique. take the analogy of two different things as the leading creative technique series. Its characteristics are based on a large number of associations, with different things between the same or similar points as a link, fully mobilize the imagination, intuition, inspiration and other functions, clever use of other things to find creative breakthrough. "Shifa" is the typical representative of analogy clan technique. Analogy includes personification analogy, bionic analogy, direct analogy, symbolic analogy and fantasy analogy.

  3. Combination of series (group) techniques. This is a series of creative methods led by a combination of several different things. It is characterized by the organic integration of seemingly unrelated things and the creation of novelty. Combination is the essential characteristic of imagination. "Focus Method" is a typical representative of combinatorial techniques. It takes one thing as its starting point (the focus), associates other things and combines them to form new ideas.

  4. Zhen Mei Series (perfect group) techniques. this is to achieve idealized perfection as the goal of the creative techniques series. Its characteristics are the creative object of perfection, harmony, novelty in the first place, with a variety of methods to achieve, in the creative full mobilization of imagination, intuition, inspiration, aesthetic and other factors. Perfection means a comprehensive examination and development of creative works, which belong to the highest level of creation techniques.

In the four Creative Techniques Series, association is the foundation, analogy, combination is further development, belong to the middle level, and beauty is the highest state, the highest level.

Below we follow this idea to make a card. For example, to embody such a scene: The Snow, fairy tales in the cartoon cabin windows projecting warm lights, inspiring imagination ... We can make it feel like this.

This card is simple, but it can produce a wealth of imagination-the cabin must be a family around the stove, singing Christmas songs, the table has a rich Christmas dinner, next to the Christmas tree is covered with Christmas gifts ...

So from one thing to think of another psychological process, from the current things to recall the past things or look to the future things, this thing thinking of things, we use creative techniques inside the Lenovo creative techniques. Flying snow and a hut projecting light in the snow the two have formed our association due to the proximity of space and time characteristics. According to daily life, people from the white thought of black, from the water to think of the fire, from the cold to think of the heat, from the thought of small, by the side think of the circle and so accustomed to contrast Lenovo. The warm lights in the windows of the house, in stark contrast to the cold snow outside, highlighted the warmth of the cabin.

If we interpret it in terms of aesthetics, we use the contrast of cool tones and warm tones to emphasize the emphasis, so that the theme of "warmth" is more vivid, thus arousing people's endless reverie.

The Creative person Fischna Aesthetic Association Experimental School emphasizes the close relationship between beauty and association. The impression of beauty is a direct factor and an associative element of experience regeneration. The direct elements such as the color of the design object, shape, and so on, only these elements can not constitute a complete aesthetic feeling, but also need to add associative elements, such as the content of creative objects, functions, meaning and so on. The combination of these two types of elements can form a complete aesthetic feeling.

In the creative activities caused by strong Aesthetic Association has the following characteristics:

(1) unconventional. Lenovo's content is not mediocre yuan odd, commonplace, but the novelty, surprising does not.

(2) Harmony and unification. In the creative process of association to achieve the state of beauty, but also in line with the principle of harmony and unity.

(3) Shock the mind. In the idea of excellent association, can lead to inspiration, break through the difficulties, the "irresistible" like the new situation of creativity. Can make a person's passion like a fountain, feel a shock heart beauty.

We only use a house in the snow to stand as the intention, and did not choose a lively Christmas event scene, is a new conception. And the color collocation is also very harmonious, the association that causes is able to shake a person's mind more.

The following card is a Christmas tree filled with gifts.

The Christmas tree and the gift on the tree are two different things, but the key to contact them is Christmas, according to People's Custom, every time Christmas comes, everyone will be hanging on the Christmas tree gifts to their relatives and friends. We put two things in this common point as a link, fully mobilize the imagination, intuition, inspiration, all the functions, cleverly using his things to find creative breakthrough. This is the creative technique of analogy creative techniques.

Analogy and aesthetics are closely related: one is the general aesthetic factors embodied in the creative process of analogy, and the other is the aesthetic factors embodied in various analogies.

1. Analogy creative process of aesthetic human creation is the highest sense of beauty, where there is creativity, creative activities, where there is beauty.

2. The aesthetic personality of analogy is reflected in the analogy of the most basic analogy is the direct analogy. It often appears to be difficult to solve creative problems. When there is a gap in the theory, the direct analogy passes through the clever image to make the problem break through and the gap is made up. This in itself is a beautification process. Analogy objects like a mosaic in the creation of the pearl, flashing unique, full of image of brilliance.

Using the analogy method, people put their feelings, thoughts and feelings into the creative object, so that the object of the activities of personification, unity of the people. At the same time, people's life and taste also moved to the object, to achieve the integration of people, so that the creative results have a stronger aesthetic effect.

The top of the Christmas tree is full of the use of analogy, viewers see this picture, immediately understand the designer's conception, to find out the theme of creativity. The dazzling lights on the Christmas tree give a bright and cheerful feeling and make people feel happy and energetic. A full tree of gifts, showing the warmth of their loved ones, the warm friendship between friends. The whole design revolves around the idea of joy and blessing of this Christmas, with all sorts of things just right.

To design a work, we should fully consider people's pursuit of the beauty of works, and adapt to the change and development of the concept of social beauty. Therefore, it is necessary to deepen the research of creative aesthetics, especially to pay attention to the research and application of Beauty series creative design techniques.

Modern art design comes from English "Designing", the original: plan, design, drawing and other meanings. It is the meaning of conception, structure, plot and manuscript in the work of art. "Design is a kind of creative activity, its aim is to form and adjust the space environment of the object, and to unify the aspects of its functions and aesthetic aspects in this process," said Fushanni Cherenkov, the famous aesthetic home. "To the United States as the core of creative techniques, the following list of several to be summarized."

1. The Act of supplementing the United States. In short, the beauty of the law is the creative thinking process, in accordance with the law of the United States, not yet perfect the object of processing, modification, perfection, even reconstruction, restructuring creative techniques. According to the scope of the beauty, the depth is different, the complementary beauty can be divided into the following three categories.

(1) Filling method: The law is to add a component to the object, so that it achieves the harmony of the United States. For example, Parker in Wartman pen on the basis of the straight bar pen type change to streamline, both beautiful and timely, so it spread, swept the world.

(2) Full complement method: The original object of a thorough reform, comprehensive renewal, is a reconstruction, rebuilding the overall beauty.

(3) Special complement method: that is, especially ingenious method of beauty, it to skillfully win, wit.

2. Find the odd method. This is the pursuit of Chi Mei as the core of creative techniques. The main points are as follows:

(1) bold use of curiosity, a strange association beyond the conventional, the idea of a "surprise", can use the "brainstorming method" and so on to increase the number of whims.

(2) A large number of strange ideas for aesthetic screening, and then according to the law of the United States to optimize. In the process of screening, we can further associate and complement the United States.

(3) The choice and fine processing of formal logic to conform to the concept of Chimei, make the logic rigorous and meet the objective requirement of reality.

(4) on the basis of the above, the aesthetic processing, to make the idea more perfect, to achieve the aesthetic standards, logic standards and practical standards of "three unity."

3. The shortcoming enumerates the law. The law is a list of things or objects that can be used to identify the creative techniques that make a reform or a creative plan more perfect.

4. Wish to point the list of laws. The law is to the creative object put forward a series of hope, the more the better, the more novel The better, after the induction to find the most desired point of creative design techniques. This method is not like the disadvantage of enumerating the original, imagination free space, beauty standard high, is a positive, active creative method.

  Creative your beautiful holiday greeting card

For example, this card: it is also a snow map, but our intentions have changed. We take the user outside scene, in the Sky Snowy Night, a group of children in the snow piled snowman, snowball fights. If you're one of these kids, then you can send this card to once with you a snowman to play Snowball's friend, when they see the card when they will be reminded of the winter when we have fun together happy days, feel a warm childhood friendship, let your pure friendship in this winter more profound. This works using the beauty of creative techniques in the beauty of the law, belong to the "special complement law." In a single snowy night, we cleverly added snowmen, children, so that a very desolate scene, it is lively, to achieve the United States, to skillfully win, the effect of wit.

Creative techniques In addition to the above several more popular methods there are many techniques. For example:

Mutation method: When solving a problem everywhere, there is no way to think, it is necessary to change the shape, structure, texture, color, sound, smell, etc., or change the way, changing the order, so often can get unexpected creative effect.

Substitution substitution method: "Genuine" in the positive sense, that is, the substitution of creative law;

Imitation creation occupies a very important position in the history of human creativity. Combination of creation and inheritance. Creative from the beginning of imitation, and finally breakthrough imitation into the original. This is an iron law.

Inspiration is in the long thought not its solution, accidental chujingshengqing under an epiphany. The "epiphany" of scientists, the "genius" of literary artists, the "resorting" of military conductors, the "Coran" of thinkers, and so on, all embody the battle of inspiration thinking.
False idea is a good way to break people's habitual thinking, it can make people get rid of the old thinking, blaze new trails and find solutions to the problems.

The world of things colorful, colorful, creative thinking and design techniques are bound to endless. This article introduces the creative design techniques, it is impossible to be intact. There is an old saying in China: "The use of the wonderful, is a heart." "The important thing is to pursue and constantly explore and innovate."

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